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Here’s Facebook’s Plan To Get You Chatting With Messenger Business Bots

Since Facebook debuted its bot platform for Messenger in April of this year, the messaging app has been flooded with some 33,000 chat bots. But after six months at market, they’re still largely unproven. Many Messenger bots are clunky and difficult to use, and those that aren’t can be difficult to find. Now Facebook is moving to change that with some tactical product tweaks rolling out today.

The first tweak is a simple one: News Feed advertisements designed to engage you in conversation with a chat bot. Let’s say H&M is touting a new line of winter coats in a Facebook ad campaign. Instead of directing people interested in the coats to H&M’s website or the H&M app, these ads would put them in conversation with Messenger’s H&M chat bot, which could answer questions about the coats and potentially orchestrate an in-app sale. These ads roll out globally today.

“We now have the ability to drive massive traffic to bots through News Feed.”

Facebook’s second tweak, sponsored messages, also rolls out globally today. These are exactly what they say on the tin: branded in-Messenger messages sent to Messenger users by advertisers they’ve interacted with in the past. Together with bot-integrated News Feed ads, these new products offer developers opportunities to more proactively engage people on Facebook.

“We now have the ability to drive massive traffic to bots through News Feed,” Facebook Messenger head David Marcus told BuzzFeed News, “and that’s great for developers.” Marcus noted that these new products have worked well in test runs. Absolut Vodka, for example, recently used a bot-integrated News Feed ad as part of a vodka giveaway campaign. Marcus said the company found that acceptance rates on Messenger were three times what they were on the mobile web.

Which is not to say that Facebook views sponsored messages or bot-integrated News Feed ads as a huge business opportunity. Indeed, Marcus cautioned that while they will certainly increase Facebook’s ad capacity, they’re probably not going to drive ad load growth. “Sponsored Messages probably are not going to be big,” he said, “but they’re a needed capability.” And a crucial piece of Facebook’s strategy to cash in on the purchase intent inspired on its platform. Think of it this way: Facebook views News Feed as a place to discover things you want to buy, and it’s conceived of Messenger as the place where you actually buy them.

Facebook has other plans for Messenger as well, though none that Marcus was willing to discuss in detail. Asked if we might someday see Messenger crib features from Snapchat in a manner similar to what Facebook did with Instagram and WhatsApp, Marcus declined to answer, but then observed that messaging is becoming more visual and his team is experimenting with new stuff all the time. “We have more and more photos that are shared inside of Messenger every day,” he said. “So are we actually working on stuff that will make messaging more visual across the board? Sure.”

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Alex Kantrowitz is a senior technology reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in San Francisco. He reports on social and communications.

23 Of The Best Puzzles You Can Get On Amazon

Give someone the gift of critical thinking.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

1. The Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Jigsaw Puzzle won’t let you attend Hogwarts, but you can still construct your own version of it!

The Hogwarts Astronomy Tower 3D Jigsaw Puzzle won't let you attend Hogwarts, but you can still construct your own version of it!

Promising review: “This was one of the most difficult puzzles we’ve ever assembled. That said, this is a BEAUTIFUL puzzle, and when finished, it’s well worth the effort.” —White Rose

Price: $45 // Rating: 4.7/5

2. Perplexus is a 3D labyrinth contained within a sphere that you have to twist and spin to guide the ball through.

Perplexus is a 3D labyrinth contained within a sphere that you have to twist and spin to guide the ball through.

Promising review: “This toy is great for all ages! My 3 year old is surprisingly VERY interested in it and it’s so fun to watch him concentrate! He is getting better every time he plays with it. My husband will sit down with it for easily an hour (unusual for him) to try and conquer the maze.” —L. Larson

Price: $17 // Rating: 4.6/5

3. Cat Stax has you paw your way though the different stacking scenarios to become the ultimate cat stacker.

Cat Stax has you paw your way though the different stacking scenarios to become the ultimate cat stacker.

Promising review: “I got this primarily because of the cats. I keep coming back to it because my 5-year old daughter LOVES it! We have worked through all the beginner cards together, and she keeps coming back to it because of the cute cats.” —snaillady

Price: $10 // Rating: 4.5/5

4. Bloxels lets you build your own game and create tricky levels.

Promising review: “This is so much more than the board game you purchase, it’s also an app that you use in conjunction with the board. The board is just the beginning! My 10 year old son absolutely loves Bloxels. He makes his very own video games to play and share.” —Kristen Keyser

Price: $35 // Rating: 4.3/5

5. Kanoodle Extreme is a stacking 3D puzzle that has 300 different scenarios to solve.

Kanoodle Extreme is a stacking 3D puzzle that has 300 different scenarios to solve.

Promising review: “GREAT GAME! This is the perfect cure for the summer brain drain for kids. This puzzle will keep kids on their toes and interested! It is great that you can play two different ways, either 2D or 3D.” —OneMommaSavingMoney

Price: $11 // Rating: 4.7/5

6. Money Maze can only be opened after you solve it.

Money Maze can only be opened after you solve it.

Promising review: “I love it and it totally AMAZED me. Most of the kids I get presents for are at an age where they would rather have cash and go shopping for themselves. I have been known to give money in an unusual way.” —Kim M

Price: $9 // Rating: 4.6/5

7. Laser Maze uses mirrors and beam splitters to guide a laser from point A to point B.

Laser Maze uses mirrors and beam splitters to guide a laser from point A to point B.

Promising review: “Laser Maze ups the ante on puzzle/logic board games by providing clever (and sometimes devious) puzzles, while igniting the imagination and interest in optics. As a game that is greater than the sum of its parts, it’s a must have for puzzle gamers.” —Billy V

Price: $20 // Rating: 4.5/5

8. ENIGMA Brain Teaser Puzzle is simple in concept, but could take days in execution to solve.

Promising review: “I got this for my husband for Christmas. It took us a few days of on-and-off play to figure it out. We pretty much have no idea how we did it; we just kept moving stuff around until something changed and we could move forward. This is definitely fun, and my brain actually feels good doing it.” —Jacqueline C Kelly

Price: $9 // Rating: 4.7/5

9. ColorKu is basically Sudoku with a color twist.

ColorKu is basically Sudoku with a color twist.

Promising review: “This game is remarkably better than the numerical version of Sudoku. The maker’s clever use of color variations (rather than traditional numerical distinctions) makes it more accessible to those who can, at times, fall among the numerically ‘challenged,’ even as it provides a completely new challenge to advanced players who may be approaching complacent proficiency with the more traditional numerical version of the game.” —Joel E. Dillard

Price: $34 // Rating: 4.8/5

10. Rush Hour has you try your hand at trying to get your red car out of traffic.

Rush Hour has you try your hand at trying to get your red car out of traffic.

Promising review: “My two children love this, as does my husband and I. It’s great for building thinking skills. The challenging cards are enough to stump the adults, yet the beginner cards are a great starting point for the kids.” —A Customer

Price: $19 // Rating: 4.7/5

11. Stratos Spheres is like four-in-a-row, but with an extra dimension.

Promising review: “I love how this game forces you to think in three dimensions. It’s sort-of like a space-age version of tic-tac-toe. The how-to is familiar, and there aren’t a lot of rules to remember, or need to check.” —ArcadeDweller

Price: $10 // Rating: 5/5

12. Osmo Coding introduces kids to computer science by having them stack command blocks.

Promising review:“The Osmo Coding Set is one of the most engaging learning games a child can play with to learn coding basics and fundamentals. I’ve seen students in a classroom jump up and down when they solve a block of code to get Awbie collect strawberries!” —Chad R. Sussex

Price: $50 // Rating: 4.4/5

13. The Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball lets you recreate the earth piece by piece.

The Ravensburger 3D The Earth Puzzleball lets you recreate the earth piece by piece.

Promising review: “My 9-year old daughter and I have had a wonderful experience with this puzzle. She started out using the numbers on the back of the pieces, but I convinced her to use her regular puzzle skills to assemble the globe. We’ve both learned a thing or two about geography!” —Debi D.

Price: $29 // Rating: 4.6/5

14. The Vinyl Collection Jigsaw Puzzle lets you piece together vinyl records that you wish you owned!

The Vinyl Collection Jigsaw Puzzle lets you piece together vinyl records that you wish you owned!

Promising review: “This was brilliantly evil. I’ve passed it around to friends and they’ve all commented on what a task master it was.” —elektrapops

Price: $37 // Rating: 4.1/5

15. The Deluxe Latches Board teaches your kids motor skills as they progress through each door latch.

Promising review: “We got this toy for our son when he turned one. Several weeks later, he still plays with it (or ‘works’ on it!) every day, unlike just about any other present he got. We leave it propped up where he can crawl over and play with it on his own.” —Liz

Price: $20 // Rating: 4.6/5

16. The Gravity Maze has you use your perception and reasoning skills to create a vertical maze that will guide the marble to its goal.

The Gravity Maze has you use your perception and reasoning skills to create a vertical maze that will guide the marble to its goal.

Promising review: “So I sat down to play a couple rounds and well before I knew it, 10 minutes turned into an hour. I love logic and critical thinking puzzles, so this game was right up my alley. It reminded me a lot of the wooden labyrinth mazes I used to play as a child… just way cooler.” —Kathy Balman

Price: $21 // Rating: 4.7/5

17. The Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser Puzzle will have you attempt to untangle the madness inside.

The Brainstring Advanced Brainteaser Puzzle has you attempt to untangle the madness inside.

Promising review: “My son opened this toy up on Christmas morning and proceeded to play with the ball for 20 minutes and completely stopped opening all other gifts. It even trumped the new video game. Definitely a great buy.” —rochelle rouse

Price: $18 // Rating: 4/5

18. The HoverKraft Levitating Construction Challenge will have you stacking and balancing structures on top of a floating platform.

Promising review: “Just make sure you read the instructions to make it hover correctly. And put it on a non-movable surface… so a steady table or the floor.” —Deborah

Price: $26 // Rating: 4/5

19. The Areaware Puzzlehead Puzzle Décor will have you try to fit all the pieces into a perfect square… and then stack them into a totem-pole-style tower.

The Areaware Puzzlehead Puzzle Décor has you try to fit all the pieces into a perfect square... and then stack them into a totem-pole-style tower.

Promising review: “Simple, elegant, funny, unforgettable. Art *and* a toy. A wonderful gift for kids and art lovers.” —Leslie J. Roberts

Price: $40 // Rating: 5/5

20. This Wooden Labyrinth Board is a handcrafted classic that will probably last multiple lifetimes.

This Wooden Labyrinth Board is a handcrafted classic that will probably last multiple lifetimes.

Promising review: “This is a beautiful, high-quality toy that arrived carefully packaged and ahead of schedule for Christmas. This game was for a twelve-year old boy and he adored it and left several new video games abandoned to play with this instead.” —Allison Brooks

Price: $15 // Rating: 4.4/5

21. The Seedling Design Your Own Marble Maze also lets you step into it using their virtual reality viewer.

Promising review: “Love this new spin on an old classic! I love that you can enjoy customizing and playing with the physical maze on its own, but then you can take your maze on the go with the app. Scanning the maze and turning it into your own virtual reality is something new and inventive, and is an exciting part of the experience.” —Amazon Customer

Price: $50 // Rating: 4.2/5

22. The Science Wiz Cool Circuits Junior Puzzle will have you solve each challenge by completing the circuit to light up the board.

The Science Wiz Cool Circuits Junior Puzzle has you solve each challenge by completing the circuit to light up the board.

Promising review: “This is a great toy. It’s not even a toy so much as a learning tool, but kids don’t even realize they’re learning because it’s so much fun.” —Tina

Price: $22 // Rating: 4.2/5

23. The White Mountain Puzzles Candy Wrappers is perfect for those who want the satisfaction of completing a large puzzle, but without too much time investment.

The White Mountain Puzzles Candy Wrappers is perfect for those who want the satisfaction of completing a large puzzle, but without too much time investment.

Christopher Dauria / Amazon / Via

Promising review: “This was a great puzzle. This was also probably one of the easiest puzzles I’ve ever done, just because you can tell, instantly, where 99% of the pieces go. If you’re looking for a really challenging puzzle, this is not for you, but my family enjoyed it quite a bit.” —Dustin Farahnak

Price: $15 // Rating: 4.6/5


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18 Killer “Death Note” Items That Are To Die For

2. This earring that was handmade in the shinigami realm:

gneeworks / Via, VIZ Media / Via Netflix

Buy it here for $15.00.

3. This Ryuk Starbucks coffee mug that’ll remind you to cherish life every morning:

Buy it here for $14.94.

4. This Death Note necklace that’ll tell you how much time you have left:

Buy them here for $4.99+.

5. This sweet and L-egant charm:

Buy it here for $5.12.

6. This pocket watch for those who like watching the seconds tick by on their life clock:

Buy it here for $4.99.

8. This lavish steampunk Death Note ring that’ll make Kira proud:

Buy it here for $8.99.

9. Ryuk’s favorite food, in ring form:

Buy it here for $6.00.

10. This lamp that will ~LIGHT~ up your dark and cold nights:

Buy it here for $70.00.

12. These friendship necklaces that’ll keep you connected to your best friend in the whole wide world:

Buy them here for $36.00.

13. This L choker endorsed by Misa Amane:

Buy it here for $15.35.

15. The world’s most dangerous clutch bag:

Buy it here for $74.95.

16. This wallet that a shinigami made when they were bored:

Buy it here for $22.79.

17. This shirt to commemorate the greatest sugar-craving detective known to man:

Buy it here for $14.06.

18. And finally, this bronze pendant that’ll remind you that your fate is in your hands…for now:

Buy it here for $9.99.

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10 Video Game Characters That Will Definitely Get You Pregnant

10. You’ll pine for a sweet embrace from the insane biceps on the Tekken 7 roster.

You’ll meet them and by hypnotized by the particle effects softly caressing their hot bods.

Thirst Level: 1 Glass of Delicious Ice Water

9. You’ll let your heart get broken over and over by the original fuck boi in Uncharted 4.

You’ll meet on a search to find the treasure that will win his heart.

Thirst Level: 2 Cups of Fresh Rainwater

8. You can immerse yourself in Ethan’s towel-free attitude in Heavy Rain.

You’ll meet after you both search for where you threw your towels.

Thirst Level: All The Water In That Shower

7. Your elf-dwarf fantasies will come true in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

You’ll meet in a castle you both tried to conquer for the other’s honor.

Thirst Level: A Good Portion of That Castle’s Moat

6. Or you can feel that alien sci-fi thirst in Mass Effect 3.

You’ll meet on the crew deck just before you set out on a journey to complete their romance quest line.

Thirst Level: The Ships Entire Supply of H2O

5. You’ll be completely dehydrated by Street Fighter V.

You’ll meet them while playfully trading grab moves during a match you hope will never end.

Thirst Level: All The Water in Every Glacier That Exists

4. Geralt from The Witcher 3 will be your shirtless oasis in a desert of virtual clothes.

You’ll meet while thoroughly drying his freshly bathed calf.

Thirst Level: Every Drop of Water He’s Ever Bathed In

3. You’ll intensify your dad thirst with Joel from The Last of Us.

You’ll meet and instantly attract zombies because you can’t stop whispering sweet nothings into each others ears.

Thirst Level: All The Drinkable Water Left On The Planet

2. Start off with the hunk that is Dante from Devil May Cry.

You’ll meet while gently dressing each other in slow motion before a giant demon attacks.

Thirst Level: All The Drinkable + The Undrinkable Water

1. Or, literally, just play anything w/ Sonic. ~*swoon*~

Sega, Nintendo

You’ll meet while going v fast.

Thirst Level: Every inch of 8-bit Liquid in Every Single Sega Sea

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16 Things You'll Understand If You Grew Up Watching “Dragon Ball Z”

1. Rushing to get home after school so you could catch the new episode on Toonami.

Cartoon Network

2. Arguing with your friends about who was better: Goku or Vegeta.


3. Arguing with your friends about which other fictional characters Goku could beat.

Superman? The Hulk? GOD?!?!

4. Laughing at Frieza’s voice and appearance but then being like, “Oh shit this guy’s for real.”


Straight-up murdered Krillin. Cold.

5. And then having your mind blown when Future Trunks just sliced him in half with zero effort.


6. Desperately trying to get your hands on some badly subtitled Japanese VHS tapes of DBZ movies that wouldn’t hit America for another couple years.

7. Waiting like a damn MONTH for Goku to launch that spirit bomb on Namek…


8. …and then being super annoyed when it didn’t even work.


“I waited two weeks for THIS?!”

9. Flipping the fuck out when Goku finally, FINALLY went Super Saiyan.


12. Wanting to dress as Goku or Vegeta for Halloween but knowing you’d never get the hair right.

13. Wishing you could train in 100 times Earth’s gravity and get really strong.


14. Imagining what you’d wish for if you got all seven Dragon Balls.


(Probably to be as strong as Goku.)

15. Getting really excited when they announced a live-action movie, then seeing the end product and being like, “WTF is this shit.”

20th Century Fox

16. And, of course, trying this with your best friend at least once.


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Seahawks Player Richard Sherman Dressed Up As Harry Potter And People Loved It

1. Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman showed up to a press conference Wednesday night in full Harry Potter garb, answering questions AS Harry Potter.

The press conference took place in advance of the Seahawks’ game against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday.

2. As Potter-ish music played from his phone, Sherman, explained the delicate differences between football and Quidditch.

“Five quarters of football is pretty tough, but Quidditch — the beaters, the chasers, trying to find the golden snitch, things like that, that’s tough.”

3. Sherman said his young son Rayden asked him to dress up as Harry.

“This is a serious occasion! My son told me he wanted me to wear something, so it’s happening.”

4. Sherman’s love of Harry Potter is well-documented. Here he is wearing a Hogwarts School shirt back in August.

5. And in a September USA Today interview, he talked about his favorite Potter character. Pssst… it’s Ron.

Warner Bros.

“Ron always seemed like he knew what was going on, but was always in the right place and came through in the clutch when he needed to,” said Sherman. “It was like he did some really cool stuff in the Deathly Hallows, in the first Deathly Hallows, him coming through and getting the sword of Gryffindor, come on. That was a huge deal. People don’t give him any credit. The first one, the Chamber of Secrets, they’re definitely not winning the chess game without Ron there.”

9. “When you’re a wizard like we are out here, sometimes you have to show it to the Muggles out in the world.”

10. You can watch more from the amazing interview here:

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16 Ingenious References You Probably Missed In “Luke Cage”

Warning, the following post contains:

If you haven’t watched the first season of Luke Cage, proceed at your own risk.

1. The headband and bracelets worn by Luke when they are experimenting on him are a tribute to his original costume in the comics.

Marvel / Netflix

2. In fact, in the following scene, he puts on a yellow shirt to complete the classic getup.

3. Diamondback’s costume in the season finale is also a tribute to the his character in the comics.

Netflix / Marvel

4. At some point, Pop refers to Luke as “Power Man”, which was the title of the Luke Cage comics for a while.

5. After he defends Genghis Connie’s, Connie offers to hire Luke Cage for protection, but he says, “I’m not for hire.”

Netflix, Marvel Comics

This is another reference to a former title for Luke Cage’s comic books, Hero for Hire.

6. Trish, Jessica Jones’ best friend, makes an appearance in Luke Cage.

Episode six begins with Luke running and a radio program can be heard in the background. That show is Trish Talk, the morning segment by Jessica Jones’ BFF.

7. All of the episodes are named after tracks by the hip hop duo Gang Starr.

“Step in the Arena” is the name of the episode that goes into Luke Cage’s origin story.

8. And Method Man, of the Wu-Tang Clan, has a cameo on the show.

The rapper appears in episode 12 and also contributed to the soundtrack.

9. The musicians who play at Harlem’s Paradise are famous acts from the world of hip hop, R&B and soul music.

They include Raphael Saadiq, Faith Evans, Charles Bradley, The Delfonics and Jidenna.

10. After getting shot, Claire tells Misty that they might have to amputate her arm.

This is a reference to Misty Knight from the comics, who has a mechanical arm designed by Stark Industries.

11. The actress Alfre Woodard, who plays councilwoman Mariah Dillard, has already appeared in the Marvel Universe.

Before playing Mariah Dillard in Luke Cage, Alfre appeared in Civil War as Miriam Sharpe, a mother who blames Tony Stark for the death of her son in Sokovia.

12. Stan Lee has a cameo appearance in the show.

In episode 12, Stan can be seen on a “see something, say something” poster.

13. Ben Donovan, Wilson Fisk’s lawyer in Daredevil, is also Cottonmouth’s lawyer in Luke Cage.

14. Many of the heavy weapons seen in Luke Cage are made by Hammer Industries.

Marvel / Netflix

Hammer Industries is the company owned by Justin Hammer, Tony Stark’s rival and one of the villains from Iron Man 2.

15. When Misty is investigating old newspapers, she finds a reference to Back to the Future.

The article on the right basically narrates plot elements from Back to the Future, just changing the names of the characters. For example, instead of Emmet Brown it says Martin Brown.

16. And there is also a reference to Iron Fist, the next Marvel series coming to Netflix.

In the final episode, we see an advert for martial arts classes taught by Colleen Wing. In the comics, Wing fights alongside Iron Fist and Luke Cage. The actress Jessica Henwick will bring the martial arts expert to life in Iron Fist.

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19 Pictures About Student Loans That Are Too Fucking Real

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the best posts about student loans. Here are the painfully funny results.

Note: Not all submissions were sent in by Community users.

2. When you try to squeeze every cent possible out of the system:

—Roxanne Aiko, Facebook

7. When you try to reach out, and FAFSA’s like, “New number, who dis?”:

—Stephanie Marie, Facebook

8. When you realize the government might wrongfully suspect you’ve been living in luxury:

—Jessica Coffey, Facebook

10. When you see this happening and begin crying on the inside:

—Debbie Alsip, Facebook

12. When financial aid sends you “more” aid for your consistent hard work:

14. When you realize FAFSA is just waiting in the darkness to stomp on your hopes and dreams:

16. When you learn the hard truth about the price of schooling:

—Mal Amanda, Facebook

18. When you do some detective work to figure out why you didn’t just get a full scholarship:

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15 Ridiculously Easy Pokemon Halloween Costumes You Can Make For $30

ICYMI, Pokémon Go came out in July — so obviously we decided we wanted live our 8-year-old dreams and be Pokémon for Halloween.

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

Fifteen Pokémon, to be exact. (We get really excited about dressing up, and, tbh, what else good has come out of 2016, except maybe Stranger Things?)

But because we’re basically always on a budget, we had to be able to make them all for $30 or less.

Anyone seen my Pokéflute?
*Sprays bottle of Sweet Scent at you*

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

We also had to be able to get everything we needed for the costumes at stores like Walmart, Target, Old Navy, Dollar Tree, Michaels, and Amazon, so you could totally find the stuff you needed to make the outfits ~anywhere in America~. The $30 budget includes dresses and sweatshirts, but doesn’t include the jeans or the wigs (because the outfits still work well without them).

(Thanks to Arda Wigs for providing all of the wigs for the photo shoot! All costumes are designed by Cathy Ngo, resident cosplayer, and all casting and people coordinating was done by Brett Vergara.)

Every one of these outfits has a simple tutorial you can follow. Here’s what you can expect from each one:

Vulpix’s tail is easier to build than you think…
…just follow the instructions.

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed, Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

• A list (and photo) of the materials we used to make our costumes, plus where we bought them.

• Links to where you can buy the materials, if they’re available online.

• Step-by-step directions, illustrated with photos, showing you exactly how to make each part.

• The patterns that we used (you can download the pattern PDF here), so you can print them out and use the exact same ones.

Which one will *you* choose???

1. No. 129: Magikarp, the Fish Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

This sweatshirt comes together quickly: You cut the fins out of foam and the eyes out of felt, and pin fabric to the hood to make the lips. Here’s how to make it.

2. No. 7: Squirtle, the Tiny Turtle Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

The shell may look complicated, but it really just requires foam, scissors, paint, and glue, and we’ll walk you through exactly how to put it together. After the paint dried, we assembled ours in about 15 minutes. Here’s how to make it.

3. No. 175: Togepi, the Spike Ball Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

Cut out felt Togepi-like shapes from the templates on page 9 of the pattern PDF. Glue onto dress or white shirt. Cut out a crown (also in the PDF). Place on head. Aaaaand you’re Togepi! Here’s how to make it.

4. No. 94: Gengar, the Shadow Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

This is the easiest costume on this list. Cut the eyes and mouth out of felt, draw details with a Sharpie, and glue to a purple sweatshirt. Here’s how to make it.

5. No. 3: Venusaur, the Seed Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

The leaves are made out of painted posterboard and a ribbon, the hair clip is covered in hot-glued flowers, and the parasol is painted paper. The painting adds dry time to the project, but it’s worth the result. Here’s how to make it.

7. No. 37, Vulpix, the Fox Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

The tutorial post will show you an easy way to trace out the tail lines so you get them just right. Other than that, you make ears… and that’s it! Here’s how to do it.

8. No. 6: Charizard, the Flame Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

Wings that won’t get in the way, and a flame that loops around your finger that can be either your “tail” or the fire you breathe. Here’s how to do it.

9. No. 151: Mew, the ~New Species~ Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

The tail, made out of ballet tights and stuffed-animal stuffing, loops around your finger so it moves with you instead of bopping around on your butt. (No stuffed animals were harmed, don’t worry.) Here’s how to do it.

Of course, we had to make an Eevee costume. And that means we had to make a few of Eevee’s evolutions, too.

The Pokémon Company

11. No. 134: Vaporeon, the Bubble Jet Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

We walk you through step by step, so this costume is definitely easy! You cut the shapes out of foam, glue them to a dress headband, tie the ruff around your neck, and go. Here’s how to do it.

12. No. 135: Jolteon, the Lightning Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

The spiky ruff is made out of craft foam, and purposefully irregular (but we still give you a pattern for it). Here’s how to do it.

14. No. 196: Espeon, the Sun Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

Espeon is another all-ears craft, although you also will use eyelash glue to attach the red plastic gem to your forehead. Here’s how to do it.

15. No. 197: Umbreon, the Moonlight Pokémon

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed / The Pokémon Company

There’s very little to this costume: You cut out yellow shapes, then glue them to pants and a shirt (and make the ears, of course). Here’s how to do it.

Questions? Confused? Find yourself nonchalantly strolling through the city dressed as a Pokémon?

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

If you run into any questions or problems while you’re putting your Pokémon costume together, feel free to email us at and we’ll do our best to help!

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18 Invaluable Tips For Aspiring Artists

Andrew Robinson

“Be bold when spotting blacks to add mystery and increase the contrast of your drawing.”

Check out Andrew’s website and Twitter.

Caitlin Scannell

“Work hard and draw what you love (and never undersell yourself as an artist!).” — Caitlin Scannell

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Alexa Cassaro

“Always add extra glitter. And remember trash is perfect too. Be who you wanna be. No regrets.”

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People With Disabilities Say What They Want To See In Comics

We asked panelists and guests how they would like to see people with disabilities reflected in comics, and these were their responses:

1. Day Al-Mohamed, author and disability advocate

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

“I would actually be happy to just see more people with disabilities represented in comics! We’re there. We’re in the real world. Have us be superheroes, super villains, I’d even love seeing us as little characters in the background.”

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

“I want to see characters that are extremely BADASS.”

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

“What I’d like to see are characters that are actually mainstream. I want to see people with disabilities become so mainstream that it is no longer an event when we have a disabled character. And when I see it played in a live-action role I want to see disabled actors playing disabled parts.”

“I really love what Gail Simone has been doing with disabled characters. Vengeance Moth of The Movement is one of my favorite all-time comic book characters. Her wheelchair is a part of her image as a superhero. It isn’t hidden. It isn’t disregarded. Gail reached out to the disability community. She wanted to include us in her storytelling, because it isn’t about us, without us.”

5. Renee Brown, panel attendee

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

“Disabilities are so super scary because you have to move on once you get one. How do you do that? What do you do? How do you even act? You have to find that community that will support you and tell you that you’re not going crazy, it’s okay, you can do this. And I would love to see that in a comic.”

6. Steve Way, stand-up comedian and motivational speaker

Will Varner / BuzzFeed

“I would like to see people with disabilities reflected in media just like everyone else. It is possible to have a disabled character and not talk about their disability.”

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Rebecca Sugar Has Some Amazing Advice For Aspiring Animators And Artists

1. This weekend at New York Comic Con, beloved showrunner and human gem Rebecca Sugar spoke on the panel for her hit animated series, Steven Universe.

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

2. Steven Universe has inspired many fans of the show to draw, animate, write, and make music. During the question and answer section, many aspiring artists asked Rebecca to share her best advice for becoming a successful creator.

Cartoon Network

3. Rebecca’s biggest piece of advice is similar to that of creators everywhere: Make. More. Stuff.

“And the ones that are working, you’ll quickly start to see like, This is what I want to do. You might not even know until you just do a lot of things, and then it will just come into focus.”

4. She also said you don’t have to shy away from finding inspiration for characters in yourself and the people you love.

“If there’s a character that you like in something else, they probably remind of you someone you know or yourself. So if you can zero in on that and then use that to make your own original character that has those qualities, but maybe even more specific to you, then do that.”

5. And you can find inspiration through the things you enjoy, especially when you’re facing a creative block.

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

“I love to just put on music and draw, when I get stuck, sometimes I’ll do that. I like looking at art that’s not the medium of cartoons, and kind of absorbing that, and making cartoons while thinking of that.”

6. Rebecca also shared the advice she received from comic artists like Eric Larson, Mike Mignola, and Eric Powell: even though it’s not the most exciting work, learn fundamentals and traditional drawing skills.

7. The show creator mentioned during the panel that she always wanted to make something that would encourage others to draw. Based on the abundance of Steven Universe fanart, song covers, cosplays, and fanfiction, she’s done that and so much more.

Paul Zimmerman / Getty Images

8. Thank you Rebecca Sugar for inspiring so many young artists! We can’t wait to see where Steven Universe goes next.

Cartoon Network

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11 Pokémon Rice Balls That Are Too Cute To Actually Eat

Peaceloving Pax(@Peaceloving Pax), a food artist from Thailand, posts images of “character lunches” on Facebook and Instagram.

Their adorable creations include pokémon like Pikachu and Psyduck, and other Japanese characters form Studio Gibli and Sanrio.

And here’s everyone’s favorite Sanrio character… HELLO KITTY!

Instagram: @peaceloving_pax

Peaceloving Pax is creating food art filled with love. BuzzFeed Japan got in touch with her:

“When asked about my favorite Japanese things, I immediately think Sushi or Sashimi, but I also like Japanese characters just as much. In particular, I like Totoro, and movies like Spirited Away.”

“I focus on making my food art as cute as possible. While looking at the images of characters, I add my personal touches to make them plump and innocent.”

“My favorite Pokemon is… well, they are all cute, but it has to be Pikachu! ♡”

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Do You Know Enough About The DC Superheroes To Pass This Super Test?

    1. Waylon Jones

    2. Ra’s al Ghul

    3. Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot

    4. Edmond Dantes

    1. Bruce Wayne

    2. James Gordon

    3. Donald Peak

    4. Carlos Alvarez

    1. Starlag

    2. Krypton

    3. Portworld

    4. Ranx

    1. Super strength

    2. Super speed

    3. Super intelligence

    4. Super wealthy

    1. Green Arrow

    2. Martian Manhunter

    3. Constantine

    4. Cyborg

    1. Amazonian

    2. Libanese

    3. French

    4. Kryptonian

    1. Deadshot

    2. Harley Quinn

    3. Joker

    4. Slipknot

    1. Two-Face

    2. Darkseid

    3. Ra’s al Ghul

    4. The Riddler

    1. Taxi Driver

    2. Soldier

    3. Bounty Hunter

    4. Ophthalmologist

    1. Lex Luthor

    2. Darkseid

    3. Doomsday

    4. Parasite

    1. Aquaman

    2. Power Girl

    3. Zatanna

    4. Green Arrow

    1. Shazam

    2. Green Lantern

    3. Thor

    4. Arisia

    1. Alfred Pennyworth

    2. Fish Mooney

    3. Harvey Dent

    4. Lucius Fox

    1. Alan Scott

    2. Hal Jordan

    3. Guy Gardner

    4. John Stewart

    1. Blackmailer

    2. Terrorist

    3. Thief

    4. Assassin

Do You Know Enough About The DC Superheroes To Pass This Super Test?

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    If You Can Get A 15/20 On This Test, You Are A TRUE Harry Potter Fan

    1. 1. When was Harry Potter born?

      1. July 1st, 1980

      2. July 31st, 1980

      3. August 1st, 1980

      4. August 31st, 1980

    2. 2. Which one of these Weasley brothers is the oldest?

      1. Charlie

      2. Bill

      3. Percy

      4. Ron

      1. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

      2. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

      3. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

      4. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

    3. 4. Which is the correct spelling?

      1. Huflepuff

      2. Hufflepuff

      3. Hufflepuf

      4. Huflepuf

    4. 5. Which Horcrux was the second one to be destroyed?

      1. The medallion

      2. The cup

      3. The ring

      4. The diadem

    5. 6. Who accompanied Harry to the Yule Ball?

      1. Parvati Patil

      2. Padma Patil

      3. Cho Chang

      4. Ginny Weasley

    6. 7. In the first book, on which floor is the off-limits corridor located?

      1. On the second floor

      2. On the third floor

      3. On the fifth floor

      4. On the sixth floor

    7. 8. Which ear did Fred Weasley lose?

      1. The left ear.

      2. The right ear.

      3. Um, George is the one who lost an ear.

    8. 9. What is Albus Dumbledore’s full name?

      1. Albus Brian Percival Wulfric Dumbledore

      2. Albus Wulfric Percival Brian Dumbledore

      3. Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore

      4. Albus Brian Percival Wulfric Dumbledore

    9. 10. What is Luna Lovegood’s Patronus?

      1. A mouse

      2. A hare

      3. A cat

      4. A ladybug

    10. 11. Which one of these ingredients is NOT used in the making of Polyjuice potion?

      1. Lacewing fly

      2. Leeches

      3. Fluxweed

      4. Agapanthus

    11. 12. What is the name of the person that Ron turns into while infiltrating the Ministry of Magic?

      1. Reg Cattermole

      2. Ray Cuttermile

      3. Reg Cottarmule

      4. Ray Cottirmale

    12. 13. How much is a Galleon worth?

      1. 12 Sickles

      2. 17 Sickles

      3. 23 Sickles

      4. 29 Sickles

    13. 14. What animal does Rita Skeeter turn into in order to spy on people?

      1. A beetle

      2. An ant

      3. A cockroach

      4. A spider

    14. 15. What is the name of the charm which fills the ears of its victim with a buzzing noise?

      1. Muffilato

      2. Mufflato

      3. Muffliato

      4. Mufflito

    15. 16. Which one of these people did Bellatrix Lestrange not kill?

      1. Remus Lupin

      2. Nymphadora Tonks

      3. Sirius Black

    16. 17. What is Hermione’s middle name?

      1. Helen

      2. Jean

      3. Gabriel

      4. Judy

    17. 18. What is Parvati Patil’s Boggart?

      1. A severed hand

      2. A ghost

      3. A Jack-in-the-Box

      4. A mummy

    18. 19. What shape are Professor McGonagall’s glasses?

      1. Round

      2. Oval

      3. Square

      4. It’s never stated.

    19. 20. Where is Madam Marsh headed to when she rides the Knight Bus with Harry?

      1. Blackwood

      2. Abergavenny

      3. Gresford

      4. Welshpool

    If You Can Get A 15/20 On This Test, You Are A TRUE Harry Potter Fan

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      The Full “Fantastic Beasts” Trailer Is Here And It Is Magical

      1. Hey, Potterheads! Warner Bros. just released the new trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and it has got me feeling things.

      2. It’s probably the most in-depth trailer we’ve had to date. We see things we’ve never seen before, like this shot of Newt arriving at MACUSA.

      (That’s the Magical Congress of the United States of America, FYI.)

      3. We also get a glimpse at some brand new magical creatures, like this cheeky Niffler.

      5. And this equally impressive snake/bird/thing.


      6. There’s also a hint of what we’re going to get with the plot, like when Colin Farrell says this to Ezra Miller:

      Are they the bad guys?? ARE THEY GOING TO TRY TO TAKE OVER???

      11. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hits cinemas in November. And we can’t wait.

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      How Well Do You Remember “The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy”?

        1. 36

        2. 42

        3. 1,125

        4. The sound of one hand clapping

        1. Don’t Panic!

        2. Chill The Heck Out Man

        3. Still Slightly Cheaper Than The Encyclopedia Galactica

        4. How To See The Universe On Less Than 30 Altairian Dollars A Day

        1. Vogon poetry.

        2. The poetry of Azgoths of Kria.

        3. The poetry of Paula Nancy Millstone Jennings, of 37 Wasp Villas, Greenbridge, Essex, GB10 1LL.

        1. Because it failed to meet Galactic Empire Health and Safety planning regulations.

        2. Because it was blocking the view of a particularly nice nebula from Betelgeuse.

        3. To make way for a hyperspace bypass.

        4. No particular reason.

        1. Frood, hoopy, sass, towel.

        2. Towel, sass, frood, hoopy.

        3. Sass, hoopy, frood, towel.

        4. Sass, frood, hoopy, towel.

        1. The Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.

        2. Jynnan Tonnyx.

        3. Ouisghian Zodah.

      1. Fit the Seventh:

        1. The dolphins

        2. The mice

        3. The kakapos

        4. Humans

        1. “Small, flat and light brown.”

        2. “To float aimlessly.”

        3. “A lightless void from which no starship can escape.”

        4. “A religious holiday celebrated by some members of an ape-like species on a planet orbiting a small, unregarded yellow sun in the unfashionable end of the western spiral arm of the galaxy.”

        1. Monkeys, Hamlet

        2. Monkeys, Macbeth

        3. Accountants, Hamlet

        4. Accountants, Macbeth

        1. Maths and astrophysics.

        2. French and economics.

        3. Biology and medicine.

        4. Aerospace engineering and psychology.

        1. “I don’t know, apathetic bloody planet, I’ve no sympathy at all.”

        2. “Please do not open this door.”

        3. “Property of Genghis Khan. If lost, please return to…”

        4. “Beware of the Leopard.”

        1. It’s a reference to the Darwinian model of “fitness”, as in “survival of…”

        2. It’s an archaic term for a section of a poem, like a stanza, used by Lewis Carroll.

        3. It’s an in-joke referring to Adams’s wife’s efforts to get him to do exercise rather than spend all day in front of his computer.

        4. It’s a reference to a character, Scrambius Fit the Ovoladian Tremendor, who was in Adams’s original draft but cut by his editor.

      How Well Do You Remember “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”?

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        Can You Name The Games Console From The Shape Of The Controller?

          1. SNES

          2. PS1

          3. Sega Mega Drive

          1. Nintendo GameCube

          2. Sega Dreamcast

          3. N64

          1. PS1

          2. PS2

          3. PS4

          1. Sega Genesis

          2. Xbox 360

          3. Sega Saturn

          1. Nintendo Wii

          2. Sega Master System

          3. NES

          1. PS2

          2. PS3

          3. PS4

          1. Sega Dreamcast

          2. Nintendo Wii U

          3. Xbox

          1. Sega Dreamcast

          2. Sega Saturn

          3. Sega Mega Drive

          1. PS3

          2. Nintendo GameCube

          3. Xbox One

          1. Sega Genesis

          2. Sega Master System

          3. Sega Game Gear

          1. Sega Saturn

          2. Sega Mega Drive

          3. Xbox One

          1. Sega Game Gear

          2. Nintendo Wii U

          3. Nintendo 3DS

        Can You Name The Games Console From The Shape Of The Controller?

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          1 2 3 20