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These Friends Dressed Up As Fuckboys For Halloween And It's Pretty Scary

1. This is Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola, two besties who attend the University of Connecticut. Together, they made the scariest, realest, spine-tingliest pair of costumes.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

3. As first reported by The Tab, their costumes featured texts and Tinder messages from real-life fuckboys.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

4. “One of my friends actually thought of it and she had texted me and said ‘you and Jess just have to do this’ because she knew all about our boy experiences,” Fragola told BuzzFeed News.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

5. They went through their own messages from boys and asked their friends to send theirs as well. “They were more than happy to share their stories, so we got a wide collection of many, many texts and many messages from Tinder,” said Zharnest.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

Highlights include “I just fuck you when I’m bored,” “If you get a massage tonight, I get pussy,” and the classic “Send nudes.”

6. Here’s the full list of fuckboy messages used for the costumes:

  • “Women are like currency here.”
  • “We’re fornicating this evening.”
  • “I just fuck you when I’m bored. I don’t feel like I used to. You could be hotter.”
  • “I’m tryna eat your ass.”
  • “Tired as hell in bed. Come massage me.”
  • “Oh ok I was gonna see if you wanted to hang, I mean ‘hang.’”
  • “You’re seriously the only person that pisses me off.”
  • “Come on it’s just physical it’s not like I’m attracted to you or anything.”
  • “Just hope you know we’re fucking today.”
  • “Do you think men and women are equal… ‘no have you seen my biceps.’”
  • “It’s going to be an easy transition into the bedroom.”
  • “We’re gonna fuck cause everyone else sucks.”
  • “I’ve never had to work hard to get a girl.”
  • “If you get a massage tonight, I get pussy.”
  • “Visit ya boy.”
  • “Do you have a bed time?”
  • “Real shit day. Sorry. Long Story. Sorry if I can’t maintain an investment at this time.”
  • “Send nudes.”
  • “Come chill.”
  • “I am bad. I am a bad man.”
  • “I never said you were a slut chillax.”
  • “Hope you find someone better than me. I laugh cause there’s no way that’s possible. Goodbye. Your life was meaningless to me.”
  • “I’ve been single for seven months so why haven’t we fucked?”
  • “Hey can I have my shirt back?”
  • “You’re weighing me down.”
  • “I just fuck you when I’m bored”
  • “I’m just trying to get with you.”
  • “Would be better with you sitting on my face.”

7. They printed the messages on transfer paper and ironed them onto T-shirts, then added some snapbacks to complete the look.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

8. They wore the costumes to a party, where they were a huge hit.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

9. “One girl actually came up to us and hugged us, saying, ‘You’re a hero,’” said Fragola. They also got high-fives and apologies from boys who’ve been guilty of fuckboy-esque texting.

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

“There are plenty of nice boys out there,” said Zharnest. “It’s just unfortunate that some boys are like that.”

10. They did it for a laugh, but the women say the costumes have inspired very real conversations about rape culture. “It’s funny, but it’s also serious,” added Zharnest. “Every girl can relate to it.”

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola

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This Is What The Average American Woman Looks Like In 2016

Here’s just a tiny sampling of what the average American woman looks like in 2016:

1. She’s super confident in short skirts.

“I’m a size 18 and my absolute favorite things to wear are short, flowy skirts. However, I’m extremely self-conscious of my legs, so normally I cover up with some leggings. On this day though, I knew I was going to the beach so I decided to forgo them. That decision felt scary and wrong but turned out to be so right. I felt so free, comfortable and gorgeous. Isn’t that how everyone should feel when they put (or don’t put) something on?” —reginaadlg

3. She’s super on-trend (and knows it).

“Plus-size fashion can be trendy too! Boohoo, Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe are affordable life savers!” —chelseat4c1cfe4e7

6. She knows that being sexy is a feeling you find within yourself.

“As a size 16, this is one of the first pictures I took where I felt even remotely sexy. It brought out my confidence, and it made me realize that I’ve never had a reason to be self-conscious. It’s all about accepting yourself in your own skin and as soon as you do that, your life will change for the better.” —samanthah453ee4af2

8. She loves trying out new looks.

“I love my curves! I started a whole blog about dressing them! Now that more stores offer plus size options trying new looks is fun!” —meganh4befe37ab

9. She kills it in a bikini, no question.

“The year I said, ‘Fuck it,’ and wore a bikini on vacation!” —rmw140

10. She’s not afraid to show haters how it’s done.

“Some people once told me saris were for skinny girls who could show their stomachs.” —mrinaliniv

11. She knows the perfect swimsuit can make you look and feel like a straight-up goddess.

“Me in my favorite suit while enjoying a night at a hotel with my BF!” —adrienneh6

12. She knows finding your personal style can be hard, but it’s totally worth it.

“I just flippin’ love this picture of myself. It took me a long time to love myself, and my love for fashion helped me love myself more. The more time I spent developing my own personal style, the more that I realized I was worthy and beautiful. This is the first of many full body pictures that I will be taking to celebrate my beauty and remind everyone else to celebrate their beauty as well, regardless of size.” —baileyann16

13. She knows just a teeny bit of courage can give you a whole lot of confidence.

“I was on holiday and had owned this costume for the last three years and never had the courage to wear it. I was so glad I took the plunge.” —laurend48ea4690b

14. She knows her self-worth comes from herself and no one else.

“It’s taken me a long time to be comfortable and confident in who I am. All throughout school, I was told that I was fat and ugly and would never be beautiful or loved. After I graduated high school, I got a better group of friends and positive influences and learned to style myself just a bit. Now, I don’t have a shortage of pictures that I love of myself. I’m constantly hearing positive things about myself, and I’m in a better place mentally and emotionally to where I don’t depend on others/men for my self worth.” —vanessaraechellel

15. She knows that being mom is one of the most courageous acts of all.

“I had my son three years ago and went from a size 3 to a size 16. It took a while to be comfortable with my new self but now there is just more of me to love. I am a huge Star Wars fan and when I saw this bathing suit this summer, I wasn’t going to let my curves stop me from wearing this. I am more confident now then I have ever been in my life, and I thank that all to my son.” —birthofarebel

17. She knows a great investment piece can go a looonng way.

“I bought this dress online and it’s been my fave ever since! It fits me so well and It makes me feel beautiful. And the best part about it is that it looks great with any pair of shoes. :-)” —prateekshak

19. She finds clothes that make her look and feel like a million bucks.

“I always feel like a million bucks in this outfit! Leather + animal print + Howard University + big smile = always in style.” —erikam25

22. She’s confident showing off her curves because they are perfect just the way they are.

“It’s taken a while but I’m now a very confident size 18 and loving showing off my curves!” —gemmal420104b62

23. She’s proud of the body she has right now.

“Here I am 30 pounds down, and a very PROUD size 16. This is also the first photo I have taken in a swim suit since I was about 13 years old. I’m feeling amazing and so happy in the skin I am in!” —beccaw45d30cd6a

24. She looks straight-up stunning in a crop top and shorts.

“Feelin’ myself before the Hershey Yoncé Formation concert. Sweetest place on earth!” —ahleahm

28. She knows the perfect sheer ensemble can make her feel hella sexy.

“An amazing lace top, nude bra and miniskirt maxi combo. Sexiness for days!” —smellychellelee

29. And she knows no matter what age she is, she will always fucking kill it.

“One of my best friends is a photographer and wanted to practice taking boudoir photos. I volunteered because why not? I wasn’t sure what to expect, or if I’d like the end results. To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I rocked it in all my size 18, 33-year-old glory!” —calliey4cb91ff68

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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25 Secrets Ambulance Dispatchers Will Never, Ever Tell You

1. We don’t like being called “phone operators”.

Or call centre workers, for that matter. Sure, we wear a headset and take calls, but we’re saving lives, not doing a standard 9-to-5.

2. Our best calls are the ones where we help someone bring a baby into the world.

We call these sort of calls “BBA”: born before arrival, and it involves talking someone, usually the father, through the process of delivering the baby. You never forget the parents you help, or the joy of hearing a baby’s first cry.

3. And our worst calls are the ones where a baby or child has stopped breathing.

Yes, we’re trained to seem cool and collected, but our heart is always racing while explaining to panicked parents how to do CPR on their own kid. Thankfully, many of these calls have good outcomes, but some don’t, and that’s very hard.

4. People do die while they’re on the phone to us, and it never gets any easier to deal with.

You just have to stay calm, try not to agonise about the situation afterwards, or spend hours turning it over in your head and asking yourself whether you could have done something differently and saved the person’s life. It won’t help.

5. Calls from suicidal people are difficult too.

We get a lot of calls from people who say they want to end their life and don’t feel like they have anywhere else to turn. All we can do is keep them on the phone, comfort them, find out where they are, and send the police and an ambulance.

6. We get sworn at and verbally threatened a lot.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

We understand that people are often experiencing traumatic stuff, but please remember we’re here to help. The sweariest, nastiest calls tend to come from drunk people, and these make up the majority of weekend shifts. It’s not OK.

7. We get incredibly weird calls all the time.

Like people who say they’ve been attacked by aliens, people with their hands, heads, and legs stuck in railings. And, of course, people who’ve “fallen off lions”.

8. Not to mention annoying, time-wasting calls.

Like: “Help, there’s a fox in my garden,” or “My goldfish is drowning.” It’s ridiculous that people think 999 is suitable for this. We try to get these sort of callers off the phone as quickly as possible as they’re blocking life-threatening emergencies.

9. And, of course, calls from embarrassed people with weird things stuck up their bums.

These people are often drunk and super embarrassed. It can be hard to coax out the details about what’s wrong, but once you finally get them to admit they’ve got a loo roll holder or an aubergine stuck up their bum, you can get them some help.

10. We cry way more often than you’d think.

Never while we’re on the phone (unless you count silent tears), but we certainly aren’t robots, and some calls can hit a nerve. For instance, if you’ve just had a baby and someone calls with a seriously ill child that you struggle to save.

11. You don’t need a university degree or healthcare background to be an EMD.

We actually only get around four to six weeks of training in first aid and relevant computer programs, and also one-to-one support for our first 10 shifts.

12. We spend a shift with a group of paramedics in an ambulance as part of our training.

This is pretty fun, but you have to hope you’re not assigned a weekend night as it’ll just be wall-to-wall aggressive drunks. It’s also quite tricky if you’re squeamish, as you’ll be expected to be a full member of the team and help dress wounds.

13. And we learn CPR as well.

After all, we’ll spend a lot of our time telling panicked people how to perform CPR over the phone. It’s always an awesome feeling when you walk someone through CPR and the patient lives – it can make a shitty day much better.

14. Our computer system does quite a lot of the complicated medical work for us.

We’re not clinicians, so the system helps us by automatically dispatching an ambulance as soon as an address is typed in, deciding which symptoms are the most critical, and assigning the call one of four levels of urgency. It’s pretty handy.

15. But no computer and no amount of training can prepare you for the stress of taking your first call.

It’s genuinely nerve-racking. You do eventually get to grips with the most regular types of call (choking is a very common issue), but even after several years, some unusual calls and symptoms can throw you into the unknown.

16. One of the biggest challenges we face is finding out where people are, and what’s happened.

Matt Cardy / Getty Images

Sometimes just getting an address takes several minutes, especially if the caller is drunk or on drugs, which is often the case at weekends. People often assume we know where they are, and hang up. We’re not psychic; we need information.

17. People expect ambulances to arrive instantaneously, like they do on TV.

Unfortunately ambulances can’t drive over the traffic. People also don’t like to answer questions, but we need to know more so that we can decide who gets an ambulance first (or at all). A heart attack is more of a priority than a hangover or cut finger, so be nice and answer questions.

18. We don’t get paid very much.

Especially when you consider the types of traumatic calls and situations we have to deal with on a daily basis. The UK salary scale is around £23,861 to £27,569.

19. Our long shifts are pretty disorientating.

We usually do around four 12-hour shifts (often overnight), followed by three days off. Getting home from work when everyone else is still in bed can be really confusing, especially if you’ve had a difficult day and need someone to talk to.

20. Which means we’re not always available, and our friends struggle to get to grips with that.

Guys, we know you like us, but we can’t always make it to your party. Also, for the love of god please stop calling us before 4pm if you know we’re on nights.

21. We miss lots of important family occasions as well.

We can sometimes swap shifts, but it’s not exactly easy to find someone who’s willing to cover Christmas Day or New Year for you, especially as the festive season is our busiest time of the year (booze + ice = lots of accidents).

22. We barely get any time to talk to our colleagues.

Sure, you can try to chat, but you only manage to say half a sentence before you hear a bleep and the next call arrives. Even when you’re chatting after a shift, you’re hesitant because you think you can hear the ghost of a bleep in your ear.

23. A lot of us go on to become ambulance technicians or paramedics.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

Depending on how easily grossed out you are, of course. If you can deal with blood and other bodily fluids, it’s really rewarding. But a lot of us prefer to stay at the end of the phone and deal with things remotely. It’s a lot cleaner, for a start.

24. Calls from kids can be difficult, but they’re also an opportunity to make a huge difference.

It’s not unheard of for kids as young as 3 to call us to let us know their parent is sick or unresponsive. In fact, kids are often the best callers as they always do exactly what you say without questioning you. If everything goes well, they often come in to visit us afterwards, and it’s always wonderful when they do.

25. So please, guys, stop saying things like: “Urgh I couldn’t do your job. It must be horrible.”

It really isn’t. We enjoy our jobs, we’re proud of what we do, we love helping people in their time of need, and we wouldn’t change it for the world. After all, who wouldn’t want to be part of a team that saves hundreds of lives every day?

We’d appreciate it if you could stop swearing at us, though. Cheers.

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えっ、ちょっと顔! 顔どこなの!




特撮やCGのような美の世界を、余すところなく表現していくエリンさん。そのクリエイティビティの高さは、この動画を観ただけでも感じられるはずです。私のような凡人には、一生かかってもこんな動画撮れないだろうなぁ…( ;∀;)


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11 wirklich einfache Tipps, wie Dein Haarschnitt länger hält

1. Lass Dir einen Haarschnitt mit vielen Stufen machen.

“Je länger Du Dein Haar in einer Länge trägst, desto schneller verliert es seinen Halt und sein Volumen”, sagt Anthony Nader, Promi-Stylist und Kreativdirektor vom Salon RAW in Sydney. Ein stufiger Schnitt sieht wahrscheinlich auch nach Monaten ohne Nachschneiden noch gestylt aus.

2. Insbesondere, wenn Du dickes Haar mit Naturlocken hast.

Stufen sind so ziemlich der Schlüssel.

3. Wenn Du auf kurze Haare stehst, entscheide Dich für einen Pixie-Cut.

Ein kurzer Pixie ist im Grunde durch und durch gestuft und ganz ohne stumpfe Linien. Wenn Deine Spitzen so langsam etwas mehr Länge bekommen, kann Gel oder Schaum Dir helfen, Dein Haar von den Augen weg zu stylen.

4. Willst Du Dein Haar lang tragen, lass es bis unter die Schulterblätter wachsen und genieße dann einfach das Leben ohne Friseurtermin.

Wenn Du einmal diese Länge erreicht hast, hast Du diese Übergangslänge hinter Dir. Und wenn Dein Haar erst einmal so lang ist, ist es auch weniger wahrscheinlich, dass Du es regelmäßig trocken föhnst. Das bedeutet, dass die Spitzen länger gesund bleiben.

5. Bitte Deinen Friseur, nur Deinen Pony nachzuschneiden.

Wenn Du nur wegen Deines Ponys zum Friseur gehst, bitte ihn einfach nur diesen Teil zu frisieren, um Zeit und Geld zu sparen.

6. Setze auf Anti-Spliss-Produkte, aber denk daran, dass sie nur eine Notlösung sind.

“Solche Produkte ‘versiegeln’ nur. Das heißt, sie reparieren Deine Spitzen nicht wirklich – nur ein Haarschnitt kann das”, so der Stylist Anthony Nader. “Sie verdecken die Problemzone kosmetisch, aber eben nur für kurze Zeit. Bis dahin solltest Du einen Termin zum Nachschneiden ausmachen.”

7. Lass überschüssige Feuchtigkeit lieber lufttrocknen, anstatt Deine Haare trocken zu rubbeln oder auszuwringen.

“Dein nasses Haar ist sehr empfindlich. Trockne Dein Haar darum vorsichtig und Du wirst feststellen, dass es sehr viel weniger abbricht.”

8. Kämme verfilzte Haare grundsätzlich nur mit einem grobzinkigen Kamm aus. Beginne mit dem Entwirren immer an den Spitzen und arbeite Dich von da aus nach oben.

Ziehst Du an Deinem nassen Haar, bricht es schnell.

9. Benutze ionisierte Styling-Geräte oder welche aus Keramik, um weniger Hitzeschäden zu verursachen.

Denk auch immer daran, vor dem Föhnen, Glätten oder Locken einen Hitzeschutz aufzutragen. “Styling mit Hitze saugt Feuchtigkeit aus Deinem Haar”, sagt Nader. “Gesundes Aussehen erfordert Pflege.“

10. Style trockenes Haar mit einer gepolsterten Paddle Brush mit jeder Menge Borsten.

“Diese Art Bürste massiert nicht nur Deine Kopfhaut, sie arbeitet auch mit dem natürlichen Fett und Glanz jeder einzelnen Haarsträhne.”

11. Und entscheide Dich anstatt für eine einzige Farbe für einen mehrfarbigen oder Ombré-Look.

“Je mehr verschiedene Schattierungen Du hast, desto weniger Termine brauchst Du, um Deine Farbe aufzufrischen”, so der Friseur.

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This Man Went From No Customers To 500 Thanks To A Single Facebook Post

1. This is 31-year-old Colin Ross. Like so many others in Alberta, he was laid off from his job in the oil industry. But thanks to him, the fortunes of another down-on-their-luck Lethbridge resident have turned around.

Colin Ross

2. Last Saturday he visited Whitbie’s Fish & Chips for the first time. “I just came in and walked in the door and saw this old guy just sitting there in a chair,” Ross told BuzzFeed Canada. “There wasn’t another soul in the place.”

Colin Ross

That guy was 69-year-old John McMillan, a Scottish immigrant and owner of the restaurant.

3. Ross ate some “spectacular” halibut and noticed the place was clean and well taken care of.

Colin Ross

“I was just blown away,” he said. So he asked where everyone was and McMillan said he’d been struggling to get people in the door.

“He said he hasn’t been able to pay himself, and the last few months have been the worst he’s ever been though,” said Ross.

4. Ross, who has a background in marketing, offered to help McMillan out but he turned Ross down. “He just kind of sloughed me off and I hemmed and hawed about it and I thought, ‘I’ll make a nice social media post for him.’”

He posted a photo of the shop with a plea for people to pay McMillan a visit.

“Anyone who knows me, I have a big heart and want people to do well,” wrote Ross, “especially a 70-year-old man who has put in his time.”

“The owner was a gem, real classy stand-up guy, so I ask everyone in Lethbridge to share this and go support this hard working gentleman,” he wrote.

5. And it blew up. The post has been shared more than 8,000 times and people are flocking to Whitbie’s. On Tuesday, more than 400 visited, followed by 500 the next day.

Colin Ross

After years of hard work, Ross says McMillan deserves it.

“He’s just really good-hearted, super awesome guy. I got a really good vibe right off the bat,” said Ross.

6. Whitbie’s is so busy now that there was a line out the door and filling the parking lot on Wednesday.

Colin Ross

7. McMillan is now handling the biggest crowds he’s had in seven years of business.

McMillan told Global News it had always been his dream to open a fish and chips restaurant and now, thanks to Ross’s post, hundreds of people are now enjoying that dream.

“He did it out of the goodness of his heart and Lethbridge came and did it out of the goodness of their hearts,” McMillan told Global.

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This Celeb Was Body-Shamed To Fuck By “The Sun” And Responded Perfectly

1. Not only is Stacey Solomon a singer, TV star, and mum of two, but she’s goddamn gorgeous to boot.

2. But over the weekend she was body-shamed to oblivion by The Sun.

3. The newspaper published an article comparing Stacey’s body with that of Louisa Johnson, who won the last series of The X Factor.

4. The main focus of the article was the difference between their boobs, with Stacey’s being described as “sinky pinky” and Louisa’s as “perky”.

The text of the piece read:

X Factor stars show it’s a case of sinky pinky and perky with contrasting bikini styles.

Stacey, 26 who finished third on the 2009 series of the talent show, seemed to have trouble keeping hers on while on holiday in Ibiza. Meanwhile, last year’s winner Louisa, 18, showed how it should be done while on a break in LA.

5. And the caption next to the image of Stacey was pretty brutal as well.

It read: “Top flop…former X Factor singer Stacey gets that sinking feeling.”

6. People were not impressed.

If @StaceySolomon can get body shamed with that banging body, what hope is there for any of us!! #looksfab #gogirl

— claire davis (@clairedavis2323)

7. So Stacey wasted no time in defending herself, saying she loves her body and reminding everyone that she has had two children.

I LOVE MY BODY @TheSun My boobs are a result of being pregnant & breast feeding & I love them. I Am just as sexy! 👙

— Stacey Solomon (@StaceySolomon)

8. She then shared a lovely picture of her with her two sons, Zachary and Leighton.

💛 ur comments so much. It Means a lot. currently swinging my saggy maggies around the pool on holiday with these 2💙

— Stacey Solomon (@StaceySolomon)

9. And people were quick to praise her for making such a dignified response.

@StaceySolomon The world needs more tweets like this! You are brilliant Stacey, stay awesome and powerful 💖

— Al Mooney (@al_mooney)

shout out to @StaceySolomon for not rising to @TheSun by trying to bring down louisa in retaliation 💘 #eliminategirlhate

— pj vogt’s laugh (@kxthleen)

@WendyPinder @KRihanoff @TeamRihanoff @StaceySolomon @TheSun They should b ashamed well said ! Gutter press as usual, she looks lovely 😊

— joyce Jordan (@joyceJo49834475)

12. Go Stacey.

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People Can't Handle This Girl's Epic Revenge On Her Little Brother's Sneakers

1. A lesson to all of you: Do not mess with 21-year-old Hibaq Abdullahi from Seattle.

Hibaq Abdullahi

2. Well, it’s mostly a direct message to her 15-year-old little brother, Farah, who learned this lesson the hard way after he was caught using his sister’s toothbrush to clean his Jordans.

Baron 9s to be exact. AKA THESE. They cost a pretty penny.

3. Hibaq told BuzzFeed she was looking for her toothbrush one morning in a rush when she found them in her brother’s room, next to his shoes and shoe cleaner.

“I actually had to brush my teeth with my fingers since I was running late to work,” she said.

Well, it didn’t take a detective for Habiq to put together what had happened. Apparently, Hibaq said, “This isn’t the first time he used my toothbrush to clean his shoes.”

4. To get her revenge, she decided to, um, give her brother’s Jordans a little makeover. She pulled out her makeup and rubbed highlighter all over the shoes .


The masterfulness. Hibaq said she came up with the idea with her sister when they were doing their makeup. They wanted “to teach him a lesson.”

6. She then presented the shoe to her lil’ bro, and, well, I’ll let the internet reactions and screencaps tell the rest of the story:

8. Hibaq says Farah is “a shoe fanatic” who “never leaves the house with a scuff on his shoes.”

10. Hibaq told BuzzFeed that after the video cut out, there was “a lot of yelling, chasing, and exchange of mean words.” But they’re used to pranking each other and they’re on good terms now.

Hibaq Abdullahi

“Not too long ago he dumped cold water on my head while I was showering,” she said. “We’ve been going back and forth with pranks ever since.”

11. In the end, she agreed to buy her little brother a new pair of shoes later this week. Until then, again, we reiterate: Do not mess with Petty Queen Hibaq.

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16 idiotensichere Make-up-Hacks für wirklich tollpatschige Leute

1. Wenn Deine Hand beim Augen-Make-up noch etwas wacklig ist, benutze eine EC-Karte.

2. Mit Deiner Wimpernzange kannst Du gleichzeitig Wimpern formen und einen Lidstrich auftragen.

3. Kleine Punkte über dem Wimpernkranz bieten Orientierungshilfe, falls Du es doch freihändig versuchst.

6. … oder beim Auftragen Deines Lippenstifts.

7. Stütz Deinen Ellbogen auf eine stabile Oberfläche (der Wasserhahn tut’s auch), bevor Du mit dem Eyeliner loslegst.

8. Verwende eine Karte beim Auftragen Deiner Wimperntusche, um Spuren zu vermeiden.

9. Bist Du nicht gut im Nägel lackieren, trage erst eine Schicht flüssigen Bastelkleber auf Deine Haut und dann tob Dich aus.

BONUS: Dieses gute Gefühl den Kleber von Deiner Haut abzuziehen.

10. Halte Deine frisch lackierten Fingernägel unter kaltes Wasser, damit sie schneller trocknen.

Funktioniert auch mit einer Schüssel Eiswasser.

12. Stäube durch ein Taschentuch etwas Puder auf Deine bemalten Lippen, damit die Farbe länger hält …

15. Besprühe Haarklammern mit Trockenshampoo oder Haarspray, damit Deine Frisur besser hält.

Bobby Pin Hacks-Spray your bobby pins with hairspray before use to add staying power on hair

— Women Daily Magazine (@womendailym)

16. Und wenn Du etwas vermasselt hast, brauchst Du nur etwas Concealer und ein Wattestäbchen und alles wird wieder gut.

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7 Ridiculously Easy Makeup Tips That Will Simplify Your Life

1. To fill in pores, keep your makeup on longer, and make oily skin look matte, apply your makeup in this order: Moisturizer, powder, liquid foundation.

Watch Wayne Goss’s video explaining why this foundation tip works — even though it’s counterintuitive!

2. Find your skin’s undertone so you can figure out what type of foundation you want to buy.

Most makeup lines have foundation specifically for warm (pink), cool (blue), and neutral (in between) undertones, and you should buy according to the kind that works for you. Read the full tutorial here.

3. If contouring takes too much time and effort for your everyday routine, try strobing highlighter on your face, instead.

It can give you a similar effect in half the time. Get the full how-to here.

4. Apply primer before you pat your eyeshadow on to make your shadow look brighter and last longer.

Then curl your lashes before you apply your mascara, to keep clumps of mascara off of your eyelash curler. Learn more about this order here.

5. Cut open your tubes of product to make sure you get every last drop of your money’s worth.

Cut open the tubes that you think are empty and put the rest of the product (that refused to come out of the tube) into a mini glass container. Read more here.

6. If you’re having trouble doing your makeup without glasses on, get yourself a set of mini brushes to be able to get your face closer to the mirror.

See a full tutorial here.

7. Switch the position of your hand while applying mascara to get different results.

See details here.

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This Swimmer Beat His Hero At The Olympics Eight Years After They First Met

Singapore’s Joseph Schooling beat his idol Michael Phelps to win gold in the men’s 100m butterfly final at the Olympic games in Rio.

Schooling, 21, claimed the first ever gold medal for Singapore with his Olympic record time of 50.39sec. American Phelps, 31, took an unprecedented three-way joint silver with a time of 51.14sec alongside South Africa’s Chad le Clos and Hungary’s Laszlo Cseh.

The event marked Phelps’ final solo men’s race, and while he said he was not happy to be denied a 23rd gold medal, he told The Guardian, “I’m proud of Joe,” who the champion swimmer had first met in 2008 after visiting a training camp in Singapore during the Beijing games.

Schooling remembered being “shell-shocked” when his hero Phelps visited his swimming club.

“Everyone just rushed up and was like ‘it’s Michael Phelps! It’s Michael Phelps!’ and I really wanted a picture,” he said.

Phelps said he had wanted to use his career to “change the sport of swimming,” and believed that seeing Schooling achieve victory at the Rio games was a mark of that.

“With the people we have in the sport now I think you are seeing it,” Phelps said.

Schooling said he was “humbled” to have beaten his hero in the race, and credited Phelps with his success.

“If it wasn’t for Michael, I don’t think I could have gotten to this point. I wanted to be like him as a kid,” he added.

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This Instagram Account Is About To Save You A Fortune On Makeup

Real talk: Finding a good makeup dupe is one of the purest forms of joy in life.

While they may have slightly less staying power than the products they emulate, finding a cheap dupe means being able to test out a color or trend without committing your life savings to the cause.

DupeThat is an Instagram account dedicated to finding and swatching dupes for practically every new lipstick, eyeshadow, highlighter, etc. that comes out.

While every shade of makeup will look different on every skin tone, DupeThat’s finds showcase the similarity of product colors as accurately as possible.

Here are 27 of DupeThat’s best beauty finds:

Shattered is no longer available, but Endless Sea is a great alternative!


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22 Home Libraries That Will Give You Serious Reading Goals

1. Imagine coming home to this.

2. Imagine having a really rough day at work, heading straight up to your attic, and picking out a good book.

3. Imagine spending a rainy weekend afternoon in here.

4. Imagine having a spare few hours and settling down in this gorgeously chaotic room.

5. Imagine having guests over, giving them a tour, and saying, “This old room? It’s just my home library.”

6. Imagine hosting fancy brunches here.

7. Imagine putting your feet up, curling up underneath a cosy blanket, and getting stuck into an old book.

8. Imaging snuggling up on this sofa in the winter.

9. Imagine looking at the rain outside, and settling down here with a good book and a fluffy dog.

10. Imagine the satisfaction you’d get from putting this bookcase together.

11. Imagine the thrill of looking through your collection and finding a classic that you haven’t read for years.

12. Imagine how much fun you’d have filling these shelves.

13. Imagine making yourself a nice cup of tea, putting together a plate of biscuits, and heading straight to your library.

14. Imagine entering this room literally through the bookcase.

15. Imagine waking up and heading here first thing.

16. Imagine sitting down here and getting some writing done.

17. Imagine how inspired you’d feel.

18. How creative you’d become.

19. How comfortable you’d be.

20. Imagine how much fun organising these books would be.

21. How perfect the light in this room is for reading.

22. And how many perfect evenings you’d while away here.

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A Lot Of People Are Talking About Egypt's Beach Volleyball Uniforms

1. This photo of a women’s beach volleyball match at the Rio Olympics has gotten a huge reaction online. It shows 19-year-old Egyptian athlete Doaa Elghobashy going up against Germany’s Kira Walkenhorst.

Elghobashy was wearing a long-sleeved shirt, leggings, and a hijab, a headscarf many Muslim women choose to wear. Walkenhorst, on the other hand, is wearing a bikini.

2. The photo was taken by Reuters photographer Lucy Nicholson during the game this Sunday.

Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

“I have worn the hijab for 10 years,” Elghobashy told the Associated Press after the match. “It doesn’t keep me away from the things I love to do, and beach volleyball is one of them.”

3. Many people who shared the photo on Facebook and Twitter said it highlighted a “culture clash.”

4. BBC Africa called it a battle of “Bikini vs Burka.”

Note: A burka is another garment altogether, one that covers the entire head and body.

5. While others say it highlights the Olympic ideal of different cultures and countries coming together.

6. The pairing of Doaa Elghobashy and Nada Meawad is the first Egyptian women’s beach volleyball team to compete at an Olympics.

Ruben Sprich / Reuters

New rules that were put in place before the 2012 Olympics in London give women more options for what to wear in beach volleyball. The change was meant to give more “flexibility” to countries with “religious and cultural requirements,” the International Volleyball Federation said at the time.

7. The Egyptian pair lost the game 2 sets to 0, but they will go on to play Italy next Tuesday, and Canada on Thursday.

Ruben Sprich / Reuters

8. See also:

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Let's Take A Moment To Talk About The Men's Olympic Swimsuits

Remember 2004? It was a dark time. The full-body swimsuit was very fashionable for the world’s elite swimmers.

Tim Clary / AFP / Getty Images

Swim meet after swim meet, those beautiful swimmers’ bodies were covered by that fancypants suit.

Tim Clary / AFP / Getty Images

And sure, it helped swimmers break a lot of records, but what about us, the extremely thirsty spectators?

Pierre Philippe Marcou / AFP / Getty Images

Thankfully, someone saw sense, and in 2010, FINA stepped in to ban suits. The new rules said men’s swimwear could only go from the waist to the knee.

Dean Lewins / AAPIMAGE

Covering up swimmers’ bodies is a crime against thirst.

Javier Soriano / AFP / Getty Images

And they deserve a chance, once every four years, to show that off.

Warren Little / Getty Images

And it’s important for us, as devoted swimming fans, to appreciate all the abs.

Dave Hunt / AAPIMAGE

And let’s not forget the backs.

So to whoever made the decision to ban the full-body suit…

Clive Rose / Getty Images

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Rob Stott is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in Sydney.

15 Worst Things That Can Happen To Brits On Holiday

1. Getting absolutely no sun for all of the trip.

And having a local tell you, “It’s rained more this week than it normally does in a year!”

2. Alternatively, getting a bit too much of it.

Your poor, usually sun-deprived body just can’t handle it.

3. Realising you don’t know the local language, not even a little bit.

So it turns out you can’t learn an entire language in a week.

4. Travelling all the way to a restaurant, only to find out it closed down a few years ago.

And feeling betrayed by your usually trusty sat nav.

5. Getting ill at any point during the holiday.

You had the entire winter to catch a cold, but, no, your body decides to get one right in the middle of August.

6. Alternatively, getting injured.

Everyone you meet for the rest of the trip assumes you hurt yourself doing something adventurous, like climbing. But, really, you did your back in during limbo.

7. Being stuck next to a crying baby, anywhere.

Chalabala / Getty Images

Bonus points if the crying baby is yours.

8. Not adjusting well to the nature.

It’s only the second day and I already stepped on a cactus #ouch #azprobs #vacationfail

— Alyssa Handmaker (@ahandyyyy)

Tip: Stay away from the prickly stuff.

9. Nor the wildlife.

#holidayfail i went to stroke a stray cat but it bit me and i had to go to hospital

— hannah (@indielester)

Tip: Cats are mean, wherever you go.

10. Not being prepared for the local weather.

“It’s just a spot of rain – nothing to worry about.”

11. Assuming you have more athletic prowess than you actually do – in public.

There’s something about holidays that makes you think you’re a pro at every sport known to mankind.

12. Remembering how embarrassing your family members are.

TFW your dad starts wearing his sunglasses behind his head.

13. Repeatedly failing to nail the killer holiday photos.

It’s okay, though, because the only person who’ll look at the photos when you’re back is your mum.

14. Screwing up, so you can’t even go on holiday in the first place.

Word to the wise: make sure you book your ferry in the correct direction. #VacationFail #IWishIWasJoking ⛴

— Laura Woodworth (@laura_woodworth)

Ah, well. Staying at home is underrated.

15. Coming home to a load of roaming charges.

A moment on Insta = a lifetime on your bank account.

There are lots of unfortunate things that can happen on holiday. Luckily, Tesco Mobile can help you battle one holiday fail – costly roaming charges – thanks to Home From Home.

Home From Home allows you to use your phone in 31 European countries this summer, just like you do at home. Lifesaver.

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7 Ridiculously Easy Tricks That Will Make You So Much More Organized

1. If you have a collection of individual eyeshadows, store them in ice cube trays.

You won’t have to shuffle them around to find the one you want. Read more here.

2. And pick up a few more ice cube trays so you can freeze fresh herbs in olive oil to use the next time you cook.

Melt a cube of herby butter whenever you need to sauté veggies for a quick dinner, add to the middle of a roast chicken, or let thaw on a plate for dipping bread. And never waste a good bunch of herbs again. Read the full tutorial here.

3. Organize your laundry hampers vertically to save space in a small home or apartment.

Save floor space and put that one awkward corner to use. And play basketball with your dirty jeans. Read more about this setup here.

4. Repurpose a kitchen utensil caddy as bathroom countertop organization.

In a multi-person bathroom, everyone could have their own cubby for their toothbrush and toothpaste…and everyone could be responsible for keeping their own cubby clean.

See more of this organized master bathroom here.

5. Hang an old curtain rod in your garage to store paper towels, duct and masking tape, garbage bags, and whatever else you have ~on a roll~.

Just be sure to store the things you have to replace most often on the outside of the rod, so they’re easy to swap out. See more garage and workspace organization tips here.

6. Build or buy a skinny laundry room cart to slide in the nook between your washer and dryer.

Learn more about building one yourself here (which means you can customize it to whatever dimensions work for your space), or buy one for $24.95 here.

7. Stop kicking that giant computer charger brick around and make your cords so much neater by sticking it to the wall with a couple of command strips.

So simple; so smart. See more of this organized workspace here.

Want more organizing ideas? See last week’s tricks (plus more!) here.

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Here's Every Secret We Know About Pokémon Go Thus Far

1. So you’re obsessed with Pokémon Go, right?

So is pretty much everyone else. But with no official guide available, some specifics of the game remain elusive. Luckily, Redditor Phozee has put together one of the most comprehensive user guides available right now. It includes some general tips, plus facts gleaned from the game’s actual code.

2. Here’s everything we know for sure thus far, thanks to Phozee’s guide and Pokémon Go’s code:

1. The highest trainer level you can reach is 40.
2. Eggs cap at trainer level 20, so anything you hatch past that point will have level 20 stats.
3. Wild Pokémon cap at level 30, so anything you catch in the wild past that point will have level 30 stats. You’ll have to use stardust and candy to level them up, so save it up!
4. Curveballs, as well as “nice,” “great,” and “excellent” throws, make you more likely to catch a Pokémon.
5. Incense works better when you move. If you stand still, you’ll encounter Pokémon every 300 seconds. But if you move about 200 meters each minute, you’ll encounter one every 60 seconds.
6. Bonus XP doesn’t always stack, but some users have noted that you can get XP from a throw bonus and a curveball bonus at the same time.
7. Some Pokémon are more likely than others to escape.
8. All Pokémon are slightly more likely to escape as you level up.
9. Mewtwo, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno are considered legendary Pokémon. None have been caught yet.
10. Mew is considered a mythic Pokémon.

11. Your special attacks charge based on how much damage you do (at a rate of 0.5 points per 1 HP of damage), so a “super effective” attack will usually charge more than a regular one.
12. Experience points needed to level up increases exponentially at higher trainer levels. It takes five million XP to get from level 39 to level 40.
13. Pokémon have three stats: attack, defense, and stamina/HP. Different Pokémon have different base stats, so an attack with a “12” next to it will do different damage across different Pokémon, even at similar CP levels.
14. Dragonite has the highest base attack (250) of all currently released Pokémon.
15. Mewtwo’s base attack is the highest in the game at 284.
16. Pokémon have “evolution modifiers,” which determine how much their stats improve when they evolve. It’s a different range for each Pokémon, but is usually somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 on average.
17. The legendary Pokémon —Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, and Mewtwo — do have a spawn rate in the code, so they should show up eventually.
18. However, the legendary Pokémon have a capture rate of zero, which means they would be impossible to capture by normal means.
19. The Master Ball exists in the code, so you might need one to capture your legendary. Niantic also hinted at the possibility of “raids,” so that might be how you get them.
20. There’s a damage bonus called “STAB” in the game, which means that if your Pokémon has moves that are the same type as the Pokémon itself, they do extra damage. So for example, a Rock-type Pokémon will do more damage with Rock-type moves than, say, Normal-type moves.

21. No one is absolutely sure how the game tracks movement for egg-hatching, but results seem to be more accurate when traveling in a straight line at a walking speed.
22. If you want a strong Pokémon that’s easy to get, get a Vaporeon. It’s stats and attack speed are abnormally high right now (possibly by mistake), making it the second-strongest Pokémon in the game overall, next to Mewtwo.
23. If you need a Vaporeon, try this evolution trick…but consistency has been spotty. Try closing and restarting the app after you rename for better results.

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A Glorious Hashtag Is Being Used To Celebrate Black Women's Excellence

1. In 1992, Mae Carol Jemison became the first African-American woman to travel to space.

2. Sade Adu slayed so much during the ’90s.

3. And then Oprah Winfrey became the first black female billionaire in 2003.

4. It’s taken a while but black women and girls are seeing themselves in comics. Just a few days ago it was announced that a young black girl will be the smartest person in the Marvel universe.

5. Ms Ethel Payne, the “First Lady of the Black Press”, paved the way for many black journalists.

6. Elaine Welteroth’s impact on Teen Vogue has already helped black girls to get the representation that was sorely lacking.

Elaine Welteroth is the first black editor-in-chief ( and youngest ever) of @TeenVogue #BlackWomenDidThat ✨🙌🏾 📇

— Alex Millet (@_achristiangirl)

7. Back in 2015, Viola Davis made history by winning an Emmy for Lead Actress in a Drama. Her speech was the most heartwarming thing.

.@violadavis – the first Black actress to win an Emmy for Lead Actress Drama. #BlackWomenDidThat

— Christine Choute (@christinechoute)

8. Wangari Maathai was the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

Professor Wangari Maathai, the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize. #BlackWomenDidThat

— ☜═㋡ J!M (◣﹏◢) (@_JMOxQ)

9. Ava DuVernay ensured we were represented in film.

Ava DuVernay 1st African American Woman Director awarded at Sundance & nom at GoldenGlobes. #BlackWomenDidThat

— Lizy (@lizcriolla)

10. While Mara Brock Akil helped get our stories shown on television.

@MaraBrockAkil – creator and showrunner of “Girlfriends” “The Game” “Being Mary Jane” #BlackWomenDidThat

— Rebecca Theodore (@FilmFatale_NYC)

11. Harriet Tubman’s contribution to history will not go unnoticed, as her face will feature on the next $20 bill in America.

The REAL OG #HarrietTubman escorted over 300 slaves to freedom. #BlackWomenDidThat

— Media’s New Queen (@MadisonJaye_)

12. Michelle Obama is one of only three first ladies to have a graduate degree.

#BlackWomenDidThat this woman for being an inspiration to young ladies.❤️❤️🙏🏼🙏🏾

— Alessia Sasso (@alessiasasso2)

13. Olympic stars Gabby Douglas and Simone Biles have only just begun their careers. Between them they hold many medals for their endeavours.

Breaking records #BlackWomenDidThat

— Ruthless (@RuthOhanu)

14. Serena Williams is constantly smashing records out the park.

One of the best athletes on the planet. Period. Serena Jameka Williams.

— WhatFreshHellisThis? (@LisaBolekaja)

15. Let us not forgot Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, whose work ethic constantly inspires black women to keep shining.

Has the highest grossing tour for an African American artist #BlackWomenDidThat

— 6’4 Fag (@xxjewelsndrugs)

16. Rosa Parks is the reason black women can sit anywhere they like on a bus.

Rosa Parks Statue, Capitol’s First Of African-American Woman, To Be Dedicated

— ♕ Nathan ♕ (@MrInternationl)

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These Female Characters Will Make You Fucking Proud To Be A Woman

1. Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Lucas Film

“I have a 5-year-old daughter and halfway through watching it with me, she said, ‘Finn keeps coming to save her but she doesn’t need his help. She can save herself.’ Nailed it.”
Submitted by tinal485d883b9

“She kicked ass and showed that she doesn’t need a man to be her awesome self. She wasn’t someone who was always doubting herself, or being self-deprecating. She showed confidence and ingenuity. She inspires me to be my best self, to believe in myself, and to not be afraid to take risks.”
Submitted by tennisfolife

2. Leslie Knope, from Parks and Recreation

“Her ‘never give up, never back down, and never apologise for being yourself’ attitude was inspiring to me. Parks and Rec featured a lot of the struggles a women in politics, and other positions, go through in a comedic yet poignant way.”
Submitted by chloejuleann

3. Lexa, from The 100

“Not only did she inspire me to become strong, loving, and caring to those I cherish the most, but she has also taught me to be brave and fight for what you think is right. She has been a part of me ever since I met her. I’ll always love her.”
Submitted by e4335d746e

“Not only does she empower me as a woman, but she’s one of the few queer women on television who just so happens to be a leader of one of the most badass groups of people ever.”
Submitted by sophiad41cde572a

4. Hermione Granger, from the Harry Potter series

Warner Bros

“Hermione was better represented in the book series, because there was more of her presence. Her being a genius. Her being a savior in her own right. Without her, Harry would’ve still been trying to figure out what the Philosopher’s Stone even was. From the time I started the books to finishing the movies, she has shown me never to let anyone diminish your fire or love of anything. Because of Hermione I embraced my book smarts, love of reading, and sassiness. I was able to be confident in my intellect and I thank her for that. Every girl or woman should learn this and feel this on a daily basis and know that if a man doesn’t stick around or appreciate you like Harry and Ron appreciated her, they need to go straight to Azkaban.”
Submitted by ekfutrell22

5. Olivia Pope, from Scandal

“She’s a complete badass who isn’t afraid to go after what she needs. She is powerful, intelligent, and compassionate.”
Submitted by jasdeepb

6. Jessica Jones, from Marvel’s Jessica Jones

“She is a superhero who is inherently flawed, suffers from PTSD, and is a recovering abuse victim. Despite ALL of that, and being stalked by her abuser, she still remains strong and STILL chooses to do the right thing. Her story is not only empowering for women and abuse survivors, it also shows the world what it’s truly like living with PTSD.”
Submitted by jjwhattt

“She has superpowers but she’s scared of being controlled. She’s scared of a time when she felt like her abuse was her own fault because she wasn’t strong enough. But in the end she takes charge of her own narrative. She’s such a hero to me.”
Submitted by abbyj6

7. The Wives, from Mad Max: Fury Road

Warner Bros

“They have been abused, raped, and held captive by a psychotic madman, two of them are pregnant with his children, they are told they are property, they are sex slaves. Yet they still have strength, they are given an opportunity to escape, and they take it. They are not passive, only relying on Furiosa to save them. They help save themselves too. They help Furiosa fight, they load guns, they shield her with their own bodies. They look after Furiosa when she’s hurt and help Max save her. They are badass women too, they show that victims can survive and be strong.”
Submitted by meganc4d2b12f97

8. Michonne, from The Walking Dead

“She’s amazing. So layered. She’s strong yet vulnerable. She has femininity and power, but she breaks sometimes. She’s beautiful and fierce. She is imperfect and makes mistakes, but she always learns from them. She is an amazing woman, played by an amazing woman.”
Submitted by Sam Akira, Facebook

9. Jillian Holtzmann, from Ghostbusters

Sony Pictures

“She is so smart and passionate— it’s great having a female engineer be front and centre in a film. And it’s so awesome to have a queer woman with so much swagger and style in a film to empower us all.”
Submitted by eleanorak

“She’s an amazing representation for queer girls – unlike so many other plot lines of queer characters, she reminds us that your story doesn’t have to end in tragedy or death. That you don’t have be a stereotype, that you can rock the world, that your sexuality doesn’t define you. She gave all queer girls and women a queer action hero and positive representation on screen, and brings hope that you can have a happy ending too.”
Submitted by wssarl

10. Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde

Type A Films

“As a child I always assumed I would one day fit into the female gender norms that surrounded me every day and she taught me that you can do anything you want to in life and be amazing at it – while still looking completely gorgeous!”
Submitted by emiliaw45c46acbe

11. Kate Beckett, from Castle

“She has had so much heartbreak in her life but she just keeps fighting. Not only does she physically kick ass against bad guys, but she is incredibly smart and driven. Her mother’s murder is why she became a cop, and for years she closed herself off to others so she wouldn’t be hurt again, but she does begin to open up. The most badass thing about her though, is her fight with PTSD after being shot in the heart, and her desire to be more than the person she was before the shooting. She shows you can win the fight against your own demons.”
Submitted by charlotteh4378e2207

12. Rogue, from the X-Men comic book series

I was (and still am) dealing with a huge eating disorder, and I looked to the outcasts of society – mutants – for support. Rogue was everything I was: mysterious, strong, beautiful, and unique. She was also tragically plagued by her biological mutation which connected so much with me. I hated my body, which truly is a blessing and a curse. She hated her mutant powers which caused her the same emotional reactions. Still, she was strong and preserved, finding love and happiness! She taught me to love myself and understand the superhero I was.
Submitted by ruthieanns

13. Zoe Washburne, from Firefly

“She was a consummate soldier without being a stereotype. She was a fierce warrior but never a bully. And none of that precluded her from being a loyal friend, a loving and affectionate wife, and desire to have a family. She showed that being a tough, badass warrior woman and a warm, sexual and nurturing feminine presence are not mutually exclusive; you can be both at once.”
Submitted by irishcowgirl

14. Lorelai Gilmore, from Gilmore Girls

Warner Bros

“She never depended on anyone to help her raise her daughter, support her financially, or help her start her own business with her best friend. She raised a daughter to go to Yale and she proved that just because you love pop culture and junk food, it doesn’t mean you can’t be smart and independent.”
Submitted by Nicole Scamp, Facebook.

15. Rebecca Bunch, from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

“She’s flawed and makes many, many mistakes, but she always tries to be there for her friends. Also, her mental illnesses helped me to feel more normal for having my own. She may not be a perfect character, but she’s real, and deals with a lot of issues women face every day.”
Submitted by ashtonb4848a5771

16. Aibileen Clark, from The Help


“She was strong and resilient and carried herself with grace against the racial discrimination she and the other maids faced, while teaching beautiful values to all the children she cared for.”
Submitted by burberrymuffin

17. CJ Cregg, from The West Wing

“While working in a world dominated by men she was the smartest, funniest, classiest person in any room. Made the shift from (spoiler alert) press secretary to chief of staff with grace and confidence. She shattered the glass ceiling. And can do a kick-ass cover of the Jackal. Love her.”
Submitted by kayleeh4b61dd2b8

18. Olivia Benson, from Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

“She’s been my role model basically for forever, and her strength and compassion in SVU inspires me to be a better person. Her commitment to the women in the show taught me to always support the women in my life. She truly embodies the woman I want to be.”
Submitted by claireification

19. Cristina Yang, from Grey’s Anatomy

“She is the epitome of ‘girl power’ — she proves that your life, your happiness, is not about what someone else does or doesn’t do. It’s about you and your gift, and putting that first and foremost. Giving to get. Not worrying about what others think or impressing some guy, but rather impressing yourself. Making your dreams happen and changing the world in the process.”
Submitted by cristinayang

20. Eleven, from Stranger Things

“I absolutely adore her. For a young female character who barely speaks, Eleven is powerful and expressive. She’s been through psychological hell and still holds friendship and keeping her promises as her highest values.”
Submitted by Siobhan Gleason, Facebook.

21. Olivia Dunham, from Fringe

“As a kid who grew up with an abusive parent, it was so inspiring to see this woman, having experienced something similar, becoming extremely successful.”
Submitted by Samantha Orion Lange, Facebook.

22. Jane, from Calamity Jane

20th Century Fox

“I first saw it when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was my first encounter with a strong female character who was liberally portrayed as a tomboy. She was later viewed as a hero in her own right AND she got the guy in the end. After seeing this film, I was proud to be a woman, even if it meant wearing flats instead of heels.”
Submitted by kadijak2

23. Mulan, from Mulan

“She dressed as a man to save her father from having to go to war, worked her way from the the worst soldier to one of the best in the Chinese army, and EARNED THE RESPECT AND FUCKING HONOR OF ALL OF CHINA EVEN THOUGH SHE WAS A WOMAN. She’s amazing.”
Submitted by IceHexx

24. Buffy Summers, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Warner Bros

“Growing up watching Buffy definitely shaped my view on women. She’s the biggest badass going but that doesn’t mean she ever becomes hard or cold. She’s feminine, funny and vulnerable while still kicking ass until dawn. When Spike says ‘I love how you try,’ it’s the essence of Buffy – it’s not about the winning or the slaying, it’s about getting up every morning and doing what you can to make the world better, even if no one thanks you for it.”
Submitted by shonan

25. Katniss Everdeen, from The Hunger Games

Warner Bros

“She really inspired me as a young woman to believe in my strength. Though she faced adversity, Katniss ultimately did what was right, even when it wasn’t easy. Plus, her inner thoughts on family, love, and loss rang so true for so many people! A truly real, flawed, beautiful, badass woman.”
Submitted by lydiad4101a4a0e

26. Meredith Grey, from Grey’s Anatomy

“She was the first example I saw where a female protagonist wasn’t perfect all the time and not everything felt like it was about the guy. She was dark and twisty, and she could be that but still remain strong and fierce. Best of all, she was in love but never changed who she was because of that – and he wasn’t the centre of her universe, which for someone used to rom-coms like me, was kind of crazy.”
Submitted by SuperParaVox

27. Veronica Mars, from Veronica Mars

Silver Pictures Television

“She’s had traumatic events happen to her – rape, alcoholic and abandoning mother, dead best friend – yet she’s still strong, confident and not afraid to ask for help when she needs it.”
Submitted by britainc

“She was a witty, intelligent, and badass private detective and knew how to crack any case. But aside from her sarcastic humour and quick wit, she was also very inspirational for girls. She was never afraid to speak her mind, or stand up for what she believed in, even if that meant facing danger and adversaries. As a little girl, I always wanted to be like Veronica Mars who never backed down and used her smarts to save the day.”
Submitted by Nym Carters, Facebook.

28. Peggy Carter, from Agent Carter

“Not only would she be considered a total badass in today’s world, what with her super-secret, physically and mentally demanding job saving the world and all, but much of her accomplishments took place in an era when women had even fewer occupational options outside of being housewives and mothers. Like so many real women who due to World War II were able to work outside the home in traditionally male occupations for the war effort, Peggy also had to deal with the end of the war and the societal expectation that she step aside and let the men do the real work. Agent Carter sets such a positive example for young girls of today.”
Submitted by allierowling

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34 Beautiful Tattoos People Got To Cover Their Self-Harm Scars

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to show us the tattoos they got to cover up scars.

Many people shared with us the tattoos they got to cover or reclaim scars from self-harm.

Warning: This post contains images and anecdotes surrounding self-harm, eating disorders, sexual abuse, and suicide.

1. These colorful brushstrokes.

“Nobody has ever brought up my scars for the years I’ve been doing it. My little brother is 8 and everyone knows I am his biggest role model. One day he asked me, ‘What happened?’ and pointed to my wrist. I made up a story, but I didn’t want him finding out what it really was and thinking it was an OK thing to do because I’ve done it. I instantly made an appointment to get them covered up.
I feel so much more proud of myself now than I ever have.


2. This blue butterfly among blue roses.

“Five years of self harming and two suicide attempts, but I’m now three years clean and my tattoo is a reminder of how strong I am, having pulled myself out of the dark place I was in for so long. Self-harm is an addiction I still fight with on the daily, but having my tattoo over five years worth of scarring is an everyday reminder of how I can keep up my strength.

“The blue roses are my favorite flower, and the butterfly from the Butterfly Project that helped me start my recovery. My tattoo is only a few months old, but I love it as much now as I did when I first drew the idea.”


3. This strong heart with an inscription that means “forever.”

“This is just the start of a sleeve, but it was the most important part. Since the age of 11, I’ve been through so much death, depression, and things an 11-year-old really shouldn’t have to deal with. By the time I was 18, I turned to self-harming. I decided to cover the scar this year (I’m 27 now) because I feel like I can finally close that chapter on my life. I know it will always be there, but at least people won’t ask me about it.

“I chose a heart and the word ‘itsumo’ (it means ‘forever’) because heart conditions run in my family. And a strong heart and family got me through the dark days and will always get me through the dark days.


4. This thriving willow tree.

“After suffering from severe anxiety and depression which resulted in self-harm, I decided to get a willow tree tattoo over my scars. I chose the willow tree because it is a well-known symbol of adaptability due to its ability to not only survive, but also thrive in some of the most challenging conditions.


5. This colorful reward for one year free from self-harm.

“I made a pact that if i didn’t self-harm for a year, I would treat myself to a tattoo to cover the scars. Fifteen years free of self-harm.


6. This tattoo representing growth and a fresh start.

“This is only covering two scars from self-harm, but it means a lot to the rest of them… It represents that even when you feel deeper than rock bottom there is always the potential to start a new life once you reach out. I was going to get a full sleeve tattoo to cover everything, but I decided not to hide my story. I love the tattoo, though, because now when people ask what happened, whether it’s a customer, a stranger, classmate or date, I can just say “Shit happened, but I grew from it,” and 9 times out of 10, no further questions.”


7. This symbol of recovery from an eating disorder.

“I got this to cover up years’ worth of self-harm scars. The symbol in the middle is the logo for National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA). They help raise money and awareness for eating disorders. And above it is the butterfly. When I went into treatment for my anorexia I stayed in a house called Mariposa, which means butterfly in Spanish.

“This tattoo means more to me then most people can understand. It has helped me heal and it has helped me keep moving forward with my recovery. I purposely got this tattoo where I did, not only to cover my scars, but also to help raise awareness. Most people see it and ask what it is and what it means. This helps open the conversation up and usually a discussion starts. Too many people think it’s such a taboo topic, but that is what makes it such a deadly disease. Everybody knows somebody who has or had an eating disorder.”


8. This plea that intentionally doesn’t obscure any scars.

“After years of depression with suicidal ideation and self-harm, I decided not to cover my scars. I’ve had many deep and meaningful conversations with people about their own struggles when they see my scars. I decided instead to remind myself that I can be stronger than my illness.


9. The constellation Leo as a reminder to love your body.

“After several years of dealing with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, suicide attempts, and self-harm, I got my tattoo of the Leo constellation, my zodiac sign, around my self-harm scars along my thighs. There’s a quote that says, ‘Stars are the scars of the universe,’ so I view my body as the universe and my scars as the stars. The tattoo really helped me to reclaim by body and learn to love it, scars and all.


10. This reference to a song and reminder to never cut again.

“‘Braille’ is a song by Regina Spektor about the scars that you wear, which may not be visible or may be hard to see, caused by our struggles in life.

“After a suicide attempt, my doctor put me on an anti-psychotic. For the first time in my life, I felt clarity. It was like breathing or seeing the sun for the first time. That day I promised myself that I am worth saving and I would never cut again. I decided to get this tattoo, which I would never cut through, to remind myself of my promise. Though I still struggle and I will never be ‘cured,’ I have lived to age 25 and just graduated from college; something I never thought I’d be able to do. I am proud of myself. My scars may have faded and may be hard to interpret for someone who has never struggled with mental illness, but they are still a part of me.”


11. This short but poignant quote.

“[I got] the phrase ‘A time to mourn, a time to dance,’ with a semicolon, on top of some of my scars on my wrist from when I used to self-harm in the midst of an eating disorder shortly after my lupus diagnosis in 2006, when I was 16.”


12. This detailed geometric flower.

“I just recently got this geometric flower to cover my self-harm scars. It is a huge relief to not see them every day and see something new and beautiful instead.


13. This cool black-and-pink cat.

“A few years ago I had decided that I wanted to take my life. I nearly succeeded in what would’ve been a huge mistake. I cut so deep I got multiple layers of stitches. I carried the scar for two years ’til I decided, ‘Hey, I survived. I’m tattooed everywhere else, why the hell haven’t I covered up that scar with something beautiful?!’ Now when I look at my arm I am never reminded of what I did. I always just see a super cool kitty ready to listen to great jams with me.


14. These song lyrics that are a reminder to keep fighting.

“I got lyrics from ‘Failing Is Not Just for Failures’ by Listener over scars from self-harm on my arm. It reminds me that I can either stay where I am, and let my depression call the shots, or I can push through the darkness and keep going. Whenever I’m having a bad day I can look down and remind myself of the strength that’s in me to keep fighting.


15. These powerful symbols done in brown ink.

“My freshman year of college, I cheated on my boyfriend with whom I had been having arguments because he was in the Navy and the distance was causing major issues. It broke his heart, and I hated myself for it so I cut myself on my left arm. Last year, I decided I was tired of looking at my scars, and since I will be graduating this year and then working in a school setting, I decided I would rather my students and their parents see a tasteful tattoo rather than three slits.

“The compass symbolizes having a sense of direction, the mandala represents the search for self-unity and completeness, and the manipura chakra symbol in the center reminds me that my self-esteem is important, that I must respect myself at all times, my confidence is key, and to be proactive rather than reactive. I got it done in brown ink to mimic a henna tattoo. I have no regrets.”


16. This phoenix rising from the ashes.

“I struggled with self-harm for 11 years. Last year, I made it a full year without cutting for the first time since I was 10. I got this phoenix to cover the scars on my left arm. Rising from the ashes, I am alive again. Now, a year after this tattoo, I am happily married and pregnant with my first child. Whenever things look bleak, I remember how far I’ve come with this ink.


17. This white-ink reminder of self-love.

“I used to cut myself when I was younger and I cut this heart into my hand. Instead of letting it fade, I decided to memorialize and got it traced in white ink. It’s a reminder to love myself.”

Tasha Le

18. This note from a beloved grandparent.

“I started self-harming when I was 11 years old, and I’m approaching 18, being clean of it for the past year. We lost my grandmother almost a year ago to the day. When I was 14, I asked my mom if I could get a tattoo if I could manage to not hurt myself for a year. I stayed true to my word, and hadn’t originally planned to get this tattoo. It’s my grandmother’s handwriting to always keep me grounded and so that I have a small piece of her so close to a part of me that was [associated with self-harm, which was] so hard to overcome. It wasn’t what I originally intended, but after losing her, I knew it’s what I needed. I got it just one month shy of one year ago.”


19. This rose that represents growth.

“At a point in my life (September 2015) I was suicidal, and I was sitting on my front porch just burning myself with a cigarette over and over… Once the scars healed, and I was OK, I decided to get a traditional rose to cover up my burns. I have to still go back and get a touch-up on some parts where the scars are still slightly visible. It may not be the most beautiful tattoo, but it represents growth. I love my tattoo. It’s beautiful to me, and it’s the only tattoo my mother approves of because of its meaning.


20. These branches with leaves and acorns.

“I got this done maybe five years after I stopped self-harming. It’s also good motivation to not do it anymore because I wouldn’t want to ruin it. I hear people say it hurts more to tattoo over scars though I honestly didn’t notice a difference. I know my scars are still visible (less than before, thank goodness) but getting this for myself just made me feel like I’m finally leaving it in the past.
Also it is very heavily inspired by René Lalique.”


21. This peaceful landscape.

“I’ve been dealing with self harm for 5-plus years now and when I saw this drawn up at the Vancouver Tattoo Convention, I knew I had to get it. My artist turned something sad into something beautiful for me.


22. This dandelion with flyaway seeds.

“I got this dandelion to cover up some self harm scars on my thigh because dandelions are supposed to represent healing.”


23. This mountain range that symbolizes overcoming challenges.

“I suffered from depression and self-harmed for almost six years. I got this tattoo as a reminder that I overcame mountains to get to the place where I am in my life, and as encouragement to keep on climbing.


24. This flower with an oversize bloom.

“I struggled with self-harm for six years and got my tattoo almost two years to the day after I stopped. The tattoo reminds me that your past doesn’t define you and that beauty can come out of pain.


25. This brief, flower-adorned reminder.

“I got this to cover a few self-harm scars, which are barely noticeable in the photo, but I got it to remind myself that I need to keep moving in a positive direction.


27. This pair of tats, both inspired by Lord of the Rings.

“I have two tattoos that cover self-harm scars. The first is on my shoulder, the first place I ever cut. It’s in Elvish, but it translates to ‘love never fails.’ The second tattoo is still a work in progress, it’s also Lord of the Rings–themed. The shards of the sword remind me that something broken can still be useful, and also that broken things can be remade into something stronger.


28. This blooming peony that represents recovery from sexual abuse and self-harm.

“My grandpa sexually abused me since I was a small child. For a long time, I felt like my body didn’t belong to me. As retaliation, I began self-harming. I carved up my ribs, my breasts, my thighs. They were all the things he loved too much, and I wanted to destroy them. After recovery, my mom bought me scar cream and they faded. Even still, I felt a disconnect from my body. I started letting boys toss me around and abuse me. I saw myself as nothing but a sex object.

“Earlier this year, I relapsed. I was so angry and embarrassed at how weak I still was… So after some thought and saving, I went into a tattoo parlor and got a blooming peony on my sternum and ribs. I wanted to plant something beautiful where something ugly used to be. It’s still not finished, and needs coloring when I can afford it, but for now, it’s a great comfort to see in the mirror. I’m taking my body back, one flower at a time.


29. This anchor with a powerful declaration.

I got this to cover the scars I had from when I would cut myself to deal with emotional pain. Most people can’t see the scars beneath but I still can.”


30. This rose and its accompanying reminder.

I got this to remind me everyday of the battle I fight…to never give up no matter what happens in my life.


31. This semicolon with cat ears that symbolizes mental health and a loyal feline companion.

“Maybe it’s not easy to see in the picture, but the body and tail of the cat-semicolon is covering up a cigarette burn. I have another cigarette burn on the other side of my wrist. I put those burns there deliberately. After my biggest breakup of my life in 2013, I could barely get a grasp on who I was.

“Last year I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. I still struggle, but I still fight. I decided to get a semicolon tattoo. I asked the tattoo artist to put cat ears on it. Whether he wanted to be or not, PJ, my now-almost-17-year-old-cat was my biggest supporter. During the darkest times he would come to me when he knew I was upset rather than hiding in the corner like he usually would to have his own personal space. I believe that he loved and felt for me. He gave me comfort.


32. This simple statement and a heartbeat.

“I got this Sylvia Plath–inspired tattoo in order to hide self-harm scars that I had on my hip, including the word ‘fat.’ This quote inspires me to keep fighting and be OK with where I’m at.


33. This feather that commemorates the life of a recently departed friend.

“I got this one to cover up scars from self-harm. I had a really bad one that stuck out and I felt like everyone could see it and was judging me. I got it on a Wednesday night after another friend died from an intentional overdose. I wanted to remember my friend and it goes with another tattoo of blackbirds I have from the Beatles song ‘Blackbird.’ (‘Take these broken wings and learn to fly.’) Today I am three years free of self-harm!”


34. And this depiction of an inspiring Hindu goddess.

“This tattoo was designed by my ex/bff of 10 years and I got it to cover self-mutilation scars from when I was a teenager. It’s Maa Durga and she is a badass goddess. So now instead of remembering depression, I remember to be a badass warrior like Maa Durga. The square root reminds me I’m ‘radical.’”


Responses have been edited for clarity and/or length.

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21 Secrets Midwives Will Never Ever Tell You

1. We get annoyed when people think all we do is hold a woman’s hand during labour.

Obviously we do give emotional support, but we have degrees and are medically skilled. We put in IV drips, top up epidurals, give insulin infusions, take blood, and stitch up skin in the most intimate places you could possibly imagine.

2. You never get over the sense of wonder.

Being the first person to touch and hold a new life is breathtaking. No matter how long, messy, stressful, or tiring our day is, delivering babies never loses its wow factor. Contributing to a child’s journey into the world is a truly magical feeling.

3. Seeing parents “get born” is amazing too.

Witnessing someone transform into a parent is truly momentous. You see their body language completely change and soften. And in an instant, the scene changes from one of drama to one of utter peace and joy. It’s fantastic.

4. And we live for “the look.”

That is, the look of wonder on a woman’s face when she sees her baby for the first time. It’s what makes absolutely everything worthwhile, and it’s why our jobs don’t put us off having babies of our own. We know the sheer joy and immediate love women feel when they first hold their baby, and we want to experience that.

5. The feeling of responsibility is enormous and scary.

And that’s especially true when you first qualify. Suddenly realising that you’re holding the life, health, and wellbeing of more than one person in your hands is daunting, and all the training in the world can’t take that feeling away completely.

6. We think all babies are cute.

When you say “isn’t he/she beautiful?” and we say yes, we genuinely mean it. There’s no such thing as a funny-looking baby in our eyes. We know they come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve seen every shape and size there is.

7. And we steal cuddles with them whenever we can.

We don’t often have time, mind you, but when a new mother offers you her baby for a bit of a smoosh, who can resist? Also, one of our favourite parts of the job is that unique “new baby” smell. They should make it into a car air freshener.

8. Women are overly terrified of pooing during labour.

We can’t stress this enough: We really don’t mind, we’re used to it, plus it’s just a fact of life. But some women worry and fixate on it to the extent they don’t push effectively, which can make labour last longer. In short, please just poo.

9. Some partners can be total jerks.

Taking selfies, wandering off, being bad-tempered, and, of course, playing Pokémon Go (this guy was OK, though, as his wife found it funny). Sometimes you want to tell the woman in labour that she’d probably be better off being a single parent. But of course, you don’t. You just tell her partner off instead.

10. We get yelled at all the time, and threatened often.

Bsip / Getty Images

Mums in labour swear, shout, call us over constantly, and make lots of demands, but that’s all fair enough. What’s worse is when women and their partners become physically aggressive, which happens more often than you think.

11. You develop intense, deep relationships with people in a really short space of time.

You see people at their worst, but you also see people at their best. Even though we’re rushed off our feet and have to split our time between dozens of women, we always feel privileged to be part of such an important day in their lives.

12. Premature births are extra challenging.

We usually have to spend quite a long time calming these upset mums down. Outcomes for premature babies are often good, and being distressed won’t help them cope with childbirth. We try to keep things as positive as possible.

13. We’re at our busiest in autumn.

Christmas and New Year excesses lead to a big spike in the birth rate around September, and we end up run off our feet. So if you don’t want a new bundle of joy just yet, don’t forget to take precautions at those festive parties.

14. We sometimes have to remove babies at birth.

Unfortunately not everyone is suitable to be a parent. Sometimes women are subject to a court removal order, meaning that you have to help social workers remove the baby, and comfort the mother. Also, some babies are born addicted to heroin or other drugs and experience withdrawal, which is always hard to see.

15. Our shifts are long, and we rarely finish on time.

We do 9- or 12-hour shifts on a changing rota, which means we can’t guarantee having a day off on special occasions. Also, we regularly work over the end of our shifts completing our extensive paperwork: risk assessments, individual needs forms, care plans, catheter forms, cannula forms…it feels endless.

16. We get virtually no breaks.

We usually don’t have time to have lunch, or more than one drink in 14 hours. We never sit down for more than five minutes, and that’s only if we’re really lucky. Basically, we’re always knackered, footsore, and hungry.

17. We have to deal with the constant threat of losing our registration or being sued.

Things do go wrong during birth, especially as we’re dealing with an increasingly unhealthy population. A midwife’s registration is in our own hands, and in challenging situations, some days you’ll feel like you’ve kissed it goodbye.

18. Pregnancy doesn’t always have a happy ending.

If a baby is stillborn, it’s always a tragedy. We always take careful care of these beautiful babies, wash and dress them, take photographs of the parents with their baby, write a name tag, and create tiny hand and foot prints that they will treasure forever. These things help to make a terrible situation a tiny bit more bearable.

19. We cry a lot.

Sometimes they’re tears of joy, sometimes they’re tears of exhaustion, sometimes they’re tears of worry, sadness, and frustration. No one said being a midwife was easy, but the majority of us didn’t expect it to be quite so hard.

20. We often have very little left to give.

Lifetime / Channel 4

It’s deeply emotionally draining to support mums in labour, and if you’re on a long shift you’re often too exhausted to have much in reserve by the end. Occasionally you’ll feel like you can only give basic support, which doesn’t feel great.

21. But we can’t help coming back day after day.

Bsip / Getty Images

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t occasionally think about quitting, especially after a really tough shift. But the majority of us wouldn’t move away from midwifery. We’d miss “that look” way too much. Not to mention all the cuddles.

This post was compiled with the help of an NHS hospital midwife. Also H/T

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