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16 Vines Only People Who Smoke Will Understand

1. This was taken way too literally.

2. Still waiting for that McGuac to come out.

3. Apparently smoking reefer makes you fluent in cat.

4. It sounded like a good idea at the time.

5. I’m not even mad…that’s impressive.

6. This dude might have a career in voiceovers.

7. We all have that one stoner in class:

8. That’s some good kush right there!

9. Pizza rolls are serious business.

10. Munchies are key.

11. When you haven’t had a blunt all day:

12. When you trip the fuck out:

13. The people that turn into douchebags when they blaze:

14. He has a point.

15. That uncomfortable moment when you’re way too high:

16. I’m pretty sure everyone smokes like this on snapchat.

  1. So, how much of a stoner are you really?

    Depending on how many vines you related to, you might be a total certified stoner.

    1. Don’t smoke at all. None of this makes any sense to me.

    2. I only smoke “once in a while.” I totally get it, but I’m not buying my own weed.

    3. Dudddeeee…. Did you see my new Huf Socks? I’m completely domed out of my mind rn. Let’s do another dab bruh.

16 Vines Only People Who Smoke Will Understand


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