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14 Reasons Why Michael Moynihan Is The Best Dad

1. He loves my mom

He loves my mom

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I mean, just look at this picture! This belongs in a magazine.

2. And he has been loving her for 35 years (!!)

This is a TBT to end all TBT’s tbh. This past Valentine’s Day they celebrated 35 years since their first date. Fun fact: they went to a dance with other dates and ended up ditching them to hang out with each other. #truelove

3. He loves the Orioles

My dad attended Cal Ripken’s record-breaking game in 1995, and on the 20th anniversary he bought tickets for the same seat he was in all those years ago. If that’s not dedication than I don’t know what is.

4. He has a huge heart

My dad has gone on many mission trips in his lifetime, but the one that stands out the most in my memory is when he traveled to Africa to assist teachers in schools. He was one of the few male teachers on the trip and I know that he made a huge impact on so many lives. He even got to meet one of children we sponsored while on the trip, how cool is that?

5. He is passionate

He has been playing volleyball since he was in college, coaching since before I was born and has been the Varsity Volleyball Coach at Mt. Hebron High School for 15 years now. He is patient, talented, competitive, understanding and a natural leader.

6. He loves musicals

From being in show choir and musical theater in high school to making sure our family grew up singing along to our favorite soundtracks in the kitchen, my dad is a certified self-proclaimed theater nerd. My first Broadway show was Beauty and the Beast in 2001 and I have been hooked ever since. Here’s a cute pic of him and one of his favorite performers, Alfie Boe, after we saw him star in Les Miserables as Jean Val-Jean!

7. He’s really actually pretty cool

Contrary to what the picture above may make you think, my dad is the coolest. He is a teacher at the same high school I attended and although that may seem like torture to some people, it made for some pretty unforgettable moments. ex: we wore matching cheetah print skirts to school for ‘Wacky Tacky Day’ during Spirit Week. Would your dad do that?

8. He loves to bake

Holiday season turns our kitchen into a workshop where there are constantly cookies being made. From his ‘famous’ chocolate chip cookies to candied walnuts and cakes, he can do no wrong. He loves baking so much that my siblings and I bought him a new mixer last year and he may or may not have gotten slightly emotional.

9. He served the country

Now that is one serious mustache. My dad served in the Air Force and even relocated to Japan, which is where my brother was born.

10. He’s hip with the times

Here is a lovely picture of my dad planking back in 2011. Need I say more?

11. He’s a total goofball

I do not have an explanation as to why we own an inflatible leprechaun outfit, but I am very glad we do so that this picture exists.

12. He supports me

From the thousands of lacrosse games, dance shows and events, he was always there. Whether it was buying copies of the magazine with my first print byline or traveling with me to Vermont for a lacrosse tournament (like in this picture) I could always count on him to support me. And for that, I am forever grateful. Getting to go to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory was an added bonus. Also: I’m still sorry that my lacrosse stick got stuck in the roof of the car and broke the convertible.

13. He strives to be the best man he can be

This may sound simple, but this is the most important one. Saying that my dad didn’t have any easy childhood would be an understatement, but he hasn’t let his past dictate his future. He led our family to serve Christ, encouraged us to be the best version of ourselves, loved us without an exit strategy, celebrated our successes, made us laugh until we cried and taught us the importance of family. (Also: we are one good lookin’ family so we can attribute 50% of our looks to him.)

14. My family

Bryan Lee Copperthite

This isn’t a reason, I just really love this picture, tbh. Not pictured is my brother who was out on the dance floor at the first wedding he officiated as a pastor! So I guess that insight of my brother tells a little bit about my dad, too.

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