25 Reasons Living In San Antonio Ruins You For Life

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2. Although TBH you can have a pretty great time with the tourists, too:

Although TBH you can have a pretty great time with the tourists, too:

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For all the hate the Riverwalk gets, those barge tours are pretty fun.

3. Because you’ll never have a better breakfast taco:

4. Or a more luscious puffy taco:

5. And you’ll never find a tastier chicken fried steak and giant cinnamon roll served together anywhere else:

6. Because there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than wandering around the Japanese Tea Garden:


8. Because there’s so much indie theater that you can’t find anywhere else:

9. Not to mention art:

And out in the open air:

These are just a couple of the many, many murals that you can find all around the city. Learn more here.

12. Or that giant granite dome called Enchanted Rock:

It’s about an hour and a half outside of the city. Get visiting information here.

14. Because the views from the Tower of the Americas are unbelievable:

Even if the food’s a little overpriced, the restaurant freaking ROTATES, what else do you want?

15. Because you can always find a cold glass (or can) of local beer:

16. Or wine blessed by the Hill Country sunshine:

17. Oh, and strong, delicious margaritas:

And it is so freaking gorgeous:

This is the Battle of Flowers parade, where you yell “Show me your shoes!” and the princesses lift their skirts to flaunt their crazy footwear.

19. Because ice houses are a way of life:

22. Because you can spend literally all day eating, shopping, and chilling at the Pearl Brewery:

23. And, okay, yes, you can also spend a few hours learning your Texas history at the Alamo:

It’s smaller than you think it is, but still pretty cool. Afterward, stroll over to The Esquire or Zinc Bistro for some mostly un-touristy food and booze.

25. And there’s no better place to be.

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