Are These Girl’s Size One Shorts Promoting Gender Bias?

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1. The difference in size between Big W’s size 1 girls and boys shorts is at the centre a controversy that has spilled onto the clothing superstore’s Facebook page.

2. A post pointing out the radical difference in length of shorts has been shared thousands of times with people expressing their approval of the post’s message.

3. “Little girls shorts in a size 1 next to little boys shorts in a size 1,” writes Queensland mother Nikita Friedman. “Why on earth does my 1 year old need to have shorts so short that her nappy is hanging out?”

4. “Little girls are not sex objects. Gender bias is disgusting.”

5. Thousands of people have commented on the post since it was published on Saturday, some agreeing with Nikita’s point and others saying she is overreacting.

9. Big W responded to the post, saying it was taking Nikita’s commentary “very seriously.”

10. BuzzFeed News has contacted both Big W and Nikita Friedman for further comment.

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