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Here’s How To Eat Healthier Without Even Trying

1. Under the weather? Make the perfect chicken soup FROM SCRATCH.

Under the weather? Make the perfect chicken soup FROM SCRATCH.

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Making soup from scratch — that means taking the time to make your own chicken stock — means you can control exactly what goes into it. And really, there’s no better cure for an end-of-winter cold. Recipe here.

2. Eggs are a great, cheap source of protein. Learn how to make them perfectly, any way you want.

Eggs aren’t a breakfast-only thing. Add soft-boiled eggs to lunch salads, or throw a poached egg on top of some roasted veggies for dinner. Learn more here.

3. Take advantage of all the produce that’s in season.

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It’s almost spring, and seasonal produce is really ramping up. Head to the farmer’s market or your local grocery store and load up on things like beets, cauliflower, and leeks. It’s easy to turn veggies into dinner by just throwing a bunch of a sheet tray with some chicken, salt, pepper, and olive oil. Here’s a great sheet pan chicken and veggie dish to get you started.

Oh, and here are 31 Delicious Things To Cook In March.

4. Make a super creamy, dairy-free dressing with avocado, then use it to brighten up salads or cooked veggies.

The dressing has a thick, satisfying texture, and it’s packed with avocado’s healthy fats! Recipe here.

5. If you want to try meal prep but don’t want to plan exact meals, just cook a bunch of things you like — an assortment of veggies, protein, and starches — and throw them together however you want.

And seriously, if you aren’t following @mealpreponfleek yet, you should be.

6. Assemble your own snacks instead of buying them pre-made.

It’s more satisfying to take a second and put things together yourself, as opposed to just ripping open a bag or box. Plus, this way you can control your own portion sizes and ingredients. BONUS: all of these are kid-friendly.

7. Satisfy a late-night sweet craving with some almond milk hot chocolate.

Melting good-quality dark chocolate in almond milk is a lower-calorie way to make hot chocolate, without sacrificing too much flavor. Recipe here. If you want yours a little sweeter, add two teaspoons of honey or sugar.

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