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“Meme History” Pairs Hilarious Memes With Historical Events And It’s Perfect

The hilarious Meme History hashtag, created by @Tylerlma, took over Twitter on Thursday. Here are the funniest and most creative interpretations of how historic events ~may~ have happened.

3. When Cain pretended he knew nothing of Abel’s highly suspicious disappearance.

When Cain pretended he knew nothing of Abel's highly suspicious disappearance.

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4. During the infamous Salem Witch Hunt, you know there were some folks who willingly gave up information.

5. JFK probably tried to sink as low into his seat as possible as Marilyn Monroe sang to him.


Marilyn Monroe: Haaaaapy biiiiiirthdaaaay Mr. President 😘

John F. Kennedy: 😶

— Royalé with Cheese (@iKickClouds_)

7. When Judas avoided making small talk with Jesus because he knew he was gonna do something foul.

8. And how the disciples probably reacted when Jesus showed them his cool new trick that involved water.

9. Little Richard might’ve given a Prince-level eye roll the first time someone told him Elvis was the King of Rock n’ Roll.

Little Richard hearing Elvis called the King of Rock & Roll #MemeHistory

— Patti LaHelle (@_maleficentt)

10. And the folks who boasted about the Titanic’s fortitude were in for an unfortunate surprise.

Everyone: the Titanic is an unsinkable ship! God himself could not sink her.
the iceberg:

— Jordan (@jordansdiamonds)

11. Then there was this fairly accurate representation of how Christopher Columbus ~Columbused~ the Americas.

When Columbus landed in the Americas #MemeHistory

— Mexican Rug Dealer (@MikeElChingon)

12. And how animals most likely reacted when Noah didn’t choose them for the extremely competitive ride on his ark.

13. It may be a myth, but just imagine how funny it’d been if George Washington were actually suspected of chopping down a poor fruit-bearing tree.

15. Adam probably slept alone voluntarily when Eve disclosed her terrible news.

16. Let’s be honest, it’s not like Abraham needed to be convinced too much to bed another person.

19. Coretta would save face while in public, but she probably gave Martin a very stern talking-to when his infidelities came to light.

20. The true story of how Jesus convinced so many disciples to follow him. Hint: There was probably lots of alcohol.

21. When Paul Revere proved he was two steps ahead of the British.

When Paul Revere saw the British coming #MemeHistory

— best of both worlds. (@MichellCClark)

22. And more recently, when there may or may not have been some funny business during the 2000 election.

25. Moments before the shot that essentially started the first World War, this is probably how it went down.

Just 2 blocks away from where he would meet his death, Archduke Franz Ferdinand regards Gavrilo Princip #MemeHistory

— Swagusto Pinochet (@Hozay__)

26. And that time President Nixon realized the jig was up.

When they confronted Nixon about Watergate. #MemeHistory.

— $moov. (@RukaTrue_)

27. When white people flipped the script on black people and tried to blend in.

When colonialism ended and whites started calling themselves Africans & refused to leave. #MemeHistory

— Black Intifada (@BlackShiite)

28. When Columbus came through and started changing up a whole group of people’s lives.

29. And finally, when President Obama won the presidency in 2008 and walked in the White House like so.

When Barack Obama became the first black President of the United States #MemeHistory

— Jerry Bird (@BostonJerry)

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