The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter May Host A Yule Ball So Take My Money

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1. True Harry Potter fans know there’s nothing more ~magical~ than the Yule Ball.

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It’s totes the best part of being a fourth year. Even Professor McGonagall said: “The Yule Ball is of course a chance for us all to — er — let our hair down.”

2. So you better hold onto your wand because THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER MIGHT HOST ONE.

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Well, throw a Cornish pixie at my head and call me a Grim.

3. Universal Orlando sent out a survey asking for feedback about potential holiday events – one of which included a Yule Ball and Great Dance Hall Dinner.

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According to the Orlando Informer, “guests [would] wear dress robes and dine/dance at a festive holiday Yule Ball with themed music, dancing, food and beverages.”

4. If Universal goes through with their plan, would the Weird Sisters perform?

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There’s nothing catchier than “Do the Hippogriff.”

5. Or maybe a bunch of Durmstrang boys would show up?

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Perhaps even Viktor Krum himself?

6. The real question is who will truly replicate Hermione’s dress?

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And steal the show.

7. Considering how quickly tickets sold out for the Great Hall Feast at London’s Warner Bros. last December, odds are fans will FLOCK.

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Let’s hope the survey proves to be productive, people.

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