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19 Poop Facts That Will Make You Say, “Shit”

3. If you want to poop more, eating fiber-rich foods like sweet potatoes, raspberries, black beans, and edamame can help.

If you want to poop more, eating fiber-rich foods like sweet potatoes, raspberries, black beans, and edamame can help.

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You need 25-35 grams of fiber per day to get to ideal pooping level. See a full list of foods here.

4. Your poop is that normal brown color because of bile.

Plain old bile is a green liquid that our liver produces to break down fats, but as bile travels through our GI system it gets metabolized, and the byproduct is creates is stercobilin, which our bodies don’t need and gets promptly disposed of when we poop. Stercobilin is brown, and so are the poop poops.

6. A 1992 study found that less than half of the population enjoys a normal (once daily) poop cycle, and young women are the least likely to poop “normally.”

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By “normally,” I mean without constipation and on a regular schedule.

7. We’re all pooping wrong, because according to a 2003 study instead of sitting to poop, we need to be squatting.

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The study found that squatting produced the most satisfactory poop experience.

9. Poop smells and looks pretty disgusting to us in part because we evolved to view poo as gross.

The aversion developed as a biological function to keep us away from infection and disease. (In other words: you smell poop and don’t want to play with it, which keeps you from contracting diseases from other people’s poop.)

10. White sand beaches in Hawaii and the Maldives are primarily made from parrot fish poop.

Parrot fish poop accounts for 85% of the sand on the shore.

12. And when you see a shooting star, it may actually be some astronaut poop.

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When you’re in space, your poop gets stored in a bag. And when there’s a lot of bags, astronauts put all of the bags into an unmanned supply shit, they undock it, and it burns up in the atmosphere.

13. More and more research is starting to show that the bacteria in your gut can influence your stress levels and emotional behavior.

Studies have shown that if you tweak the kind of bacteria in your gut it can change your outlook. In rodents this was tested when beneficial bacteria was added and the rodents became more bold and confident, whereas negative bacteria caused the rodents to become more anxious. Leading researches to believe that our gut communicates to our brain on very important levels. (Trust your gut!)

14. In 2014, the UK launched its first poo bus: a bus run by human and food waste (i.e. a lotta poo).

One tank of gas is made from roughly five people’s waste.

15. Bill Gates helped fund the creation of “Poop Water,” which is feces turned into clean drinking water.

Thanks to an invention called the Omniprocessor, which was created to help poor countries get rid of sewage in an efficient and cost-effective way.

16. Sloths only leave the safety of their trees once a week, and it’s for their weekly poop.

It’s actually a fairly treacherous mission, as climbing down makes them intensely vulnerable to predators. Scientists aren’t quite sure why they poop on the ground in the first place.

17. When women are on their period their poop habits get royally fucked in part because of our uterus being so close to our colon (i.e. constipation, bloating, etc.).

Other reasons why our poop gets weird during that time of the month include hormones and diet, but get the full rundown here.

19. And finally: both Kris and Kylie Jenner own $10,000 toilets that come with spray nozzles for their bum and other regions.

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