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25 Tweets For Anyone Who Knows Bras Are The Devil's Handiwork

talents include not wearing a bra in public and not caring

— kagome (@kittykatcarmen)

tonight’s forecast: slim chance of wearing a bra & 100% chance of consumption of alcohol

— breea (@BreeaMashay)

If u sleep in a bra first of all why and second of all how???

— CharlZ (@charlyhenden)

I’m the only person left in the office. I’d take my bra off if I hadn’t already done it 3 hours ago.

— OhNoSheTwitnt (@OhNoSheTwitnt)

On the weekends, they call me No Bra McGraw.

— Quinta B. (@quintabrunson)

when you take your bra off and set your tits free

— gluten free bae (@glutenfreebae)

“Moooommmm no.”– my boobs when I’m about to put on a bra

— Sophia Benoit (@1followernodad)

when you take off your bra after a long day

— Tanya Chen (@Tanya_Chen)

Just told my sister not to die in my shower because the cops would show up and then I’d have to put a bra on.

— Jenny Johnson (@JennyJohnsonHi5)

Is it really a day off if you have to put on a bra? 🙀

— Emily McRae (@SkellyGhostie)

I put a bra on today and then I was like actually no

— señorita (@gr0intwerk)

I wanna go eat outside but that means boob jail so so so should I go out or starve to death

— Faye (@iamfaye_09)

I wasn’t in the the mood to wear a bra today, so I’m wearing a chunky sweater to the grocery store to hide my titties & crippling depression

— Sarah (@thetigersez)

Lawd. Been waiting all day to take this bra off…titties were humming negro spirituals smh.

— The Kitchenista (@MissAngelaDavis)

I don’t carry a wallet & I often put money inside my bra.
At night when I undress, I pretend my boobs are paying me a ransom to be set free.

— Carbosly (@Carbosly)

when I finally get home and take off my bra:

— Rachel W. Miller (@the_rewm)

home is where i take my bra off the minute i walk in and never pick it up i live in a pile of bras

— Lane Moore (@hellolanemoore)

having ppl over is fun but when they leave is better because I can take my bra off and eat all this bread

— treasure (@imteddybless)

Just kinda wanna be braless and eat fruit in peace tbh

— judie (@omgitsjudie)

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