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26 Insanely Creative Mother-Daughter Tattoos

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Growing up, my mom would always say “I love you infinity” to which I would reply “I love you infinity times infinity.”

I have a love for theater, and my mom always made my costumes for school plays out of curtains, pillows, blankets, and whatever else she could find. We found a way to commemorate that.

We have these owls because they have a lot of personal meaning for both of us. For me, it’s because they remind me of her because she’s beautiful, strong, and wise.

My mom and I got these tattoos when I went away to college to remind us that we’re always together and that she’ll always be my best friend.

“I’ll love you forever” and “I’ll like you for always” are lines my mom and I have grown up saying to each other.

My mom and I use the Italian expression that we’re “cut from the same cloth”. So she got the Italian flag and gave me her heart.

My mom and I decided to get matching hummingbirds when I came for a home visit.

My mom and I got a mandala symbol together. One half of the mandala is on my left foot and the other half is on her right foot.

Our family is from Ukraine — so my mom and I got these to celebrate our heritage.

Our tattoos signify “life” in Hebrew, and they’re paired with the semicolon for Project Semicolon — which is an organization supporting those struggling with depression and suicide.

My mom and I have each other’s handwriting on our arms. We each wrote, “Siempre con me” which translates to “Always with me” in italian.

My grandma was the anchor of our family and always kept us close— so when she died, my mom and I both got anchor tattoos to remember her.

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