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A Definitive Ranking Of Lorelai Gilmore's Coats

21. Red Leather Jacket (Season 1)

Red Leather Jacket (Season 1)

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The Lorelai in my head has since looked back on this photo and realized the utter horror of this entire outfit. But, that hasn’t stopped her from hoarding the jacket away in the back of her closet, peeking at it every few seasons, just waiting for the day when red leather makes its comeback.

She’ll be ready. Oh, yes, she’ll be ready.

20. Zebra Pattern Blazer (Season 5)

I don’t know what to even say to you about that coat, Lorelai. This is your parents’ wedding. Look at Rory’s coat game: 100%. Yours? 0%. Come on, girl.

19. Denim Jacket (Season 1)

The coat that started it all: This standard denim jacket introduced us to Lorelai’s obsession with outerwear. Most of the promotional photos for the show feature her sporting a denim coat, and it makes its way through the show in various colors and styles. It’s iconic, and yet, still boring. In the grand scheme of Lorelai’s style, girl has yet to bring it.

18. Pink Moto Jacket (Season 4)

This pink coat gives a good effort but fails to hold up to another of its kind. Extra points for the rose though.

17. Leather Jacket (Season 1)

I like to think Dean’s leather coat shrunk in the dryer, so he gave it to Lorelai. And that’s why she owns this coat.

16. Green Track Jacket (Season 4)

What is the point of this, Lorelai? What is even the point?

15. Green Woven Trench (Season 5)

Perhaps somewhere, on some less fashionable show, this jacket would rank higher on the list. Not here. Time to donate that coat to the Stars Hollow Museum, Lorelai.

14. Orange Plaid Trench (Season 6)

Lorelai quickly ditched this coat when she realized she could only pair it with that one orange shirt and purse.

13. Laundry Day Coverup Trench (Season 1)

Who doesn’t love Lorelai’s efforts to wear the perfect outfit to Rory’s first day at Chilton, only to fail miserably in cut-off shorts? Of course she would own a coat twice her size for just this sort of dilemma, when one must be entirely covered from head to toe.

Emily is not impressed by Lorelai’s preparedness for being under-prepared. You should be, Emily.

12. Blue Nylon Coat (Season 4)

You can take the red leather and Irish track jackets away from the girl, but you can’t take the whimsy. What’s wrong with a little shoulder embellishment, anyway?

11. Blue Fitted Coat (Season 6)

Sometimes it’s not about the coat, but how you adorn it. That hat and scarf deservedly steal every second of this scene.

10. Blue Parka (Season 2)

I feel like everyone has owned a coat like this in their life: It’s big and puffy and it keeps you warm. Honestly, what more could you ask for when building a Björk snow-woman?

9. Plaid Wool Coat (Season 7)

Can I make an overall statement about Lorelai’s skinny scarves? They sabatoge her otherwise perfectly adorable outfits. This coat deserved better, Lorelai. YOU deserved better.

8. Utility Jacket (Season 6)

Aha. The ol’ lumbersexual-boyfriend coat switch for vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. Oh, Lorelai. You think of everything.

7. Faux Fur Bomber (Season 6)

Classic Lorelai to take something like a faux fur bomber, pair it with a snowflake sweater, and rock it all while tending a doggy swami booth at the winter carnival. We bow to your greatness.

6. Tan Cinched Peacoat (Season 6)

Isn’t this exactly how you would want to be dressed on any beautiful Stars Hollow day? A classic top, eye-catching necklace, and the perfect hair day all brought together with this form-flattering coat? No big deal, here I am looking like straight perfection.

5. Red Corduroy Sherpa (Season 1)

Doesn’t this coat just make you want to curl up with a blanket in the town square and sip on coffee from Luke’s while the town troubadour sing songs eerily specific to your personal life? Just me?

4. Camel Wool Coat (Season 3)

Lorelai’s style shifts in Season 3. We start seeing less t-shirt/jean combinations and more mature and delicate pieces in her wardrobe, like this gorgeous coat. It’s transcendent. The standout piece of this episode. Luckily, due to outdoor dining and lots of travel, we get to see plenty of it.

3. Black Wool Coat (Season 1)

This is where Lorelai first upped her coat game. Making us all envy her style and recognize her icon status. #flawless

2. Gray Peacoat (Season 5)

This coat is everything. Just look at it. This isn’t your every day peacoat. This is the exact peacoat you need to wear when your boyfriend builds your own personal ice-skating rink. Because only a moment of that caliber is worthy of this coat.

Plus, those buttons are basically all you ever need in life.

1. And of course, The Pink Coat (Seasons 4-5)

THE PINK COAT. Was there even life before this coat? I don’t want to know. It’s a life not worth living. The pink coat is what dreams are made of.

I can look past the fact that this coat debuted while Lorelai was dating Jason, aka The Worst, because this coat is the mother of all Gilmore coats. The gold buttons, the double pockets, the length… THE COLOR. It made that whole Digger thing bearable, and it even returned back to us in Season 5, because the world needed more. It’s just that amazing.

Plus, it was worn in this epic scene.

Yes, Luke. Feel the coat. Feel it. Love it. Worship it.

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