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How Many Of These Regional Desserts Have You Tried?

3. Mississippi Mud Cake

Mississippi Mud Cake

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What it is: A rich chocolate cake that borrows its name from the banks of the Mississippi River. This one is topped with melted marshmallows — and you can also find versions of it in pie form.

Pictured above:: Recipe here.

5. Boston Cream Pie

What it is: Thick pastry cream sandwiched between two layers of yellow cake, and covered with chocolate. The reason why it’s called pie, instead of cake? Back in the day, says Yankee Magazine: the “pie and cake tins [used to bake these] were often interchangeable — as were the words themselves.”

Pictured above: Recipe here (using boxed mix); from-scratch version here.

6. Shoofly Pie

What it is: The signature dessert of the Pennsylvania Dutch or Amish, it’s a simple (yet oddly addictive) mixture of molasses, sugar, flour, and butter. One of my favorites? Alton Brown’s version.

Pictured above: Recipe here.

7. New England Apple Cider Cake

What it is: Granny Smiths packed into a buttery cake, then topped with cider glaze. This version is just one of dozens of New England-style desserts tied to the fruit — from apple cider donuts, to the old-fashioned apple pandowdy.

Pictured above: Recipe here.

9. Alabama Lane Cake

What it is: A bourbon-spiked sponge cake slathered with a filling of pecans, raisins, and coconut. The boozy dessert also has literary ties, popping up several times in Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird.

Pictured above: Recipe here.

10. Mincemeat (or Fruit Mince) Pie

What it is: A textured pie filling — with roots in the U.K. — that’s the perfect mix of sweet and tart. A fruit mixture (like fresh berries, apples, and cherries) simmers in brown sugar, holiday spices, lemon zest, and a splash of rum. Then it’s cooled and poured into a flaky, crisp crust. (Find a gluten-free version here.)

Pictured above: Recipe here.

11. Flapper Pie

What it is: Sometimes also known as Canadian Prairie Pie, this has a graham cracker crust, creamy custard base, and meringue topping.

Pictured above: Recipe here.

What’s your favorite reigonal or specialty cake or pie? Tell us in the comments below!

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