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Leslie Jones' Tweets About The Olympics Are So Good NBC Might Send Her To Rio

1. While everyone is excited by the Olympics, no one is more amped than Leslie Jones.

2. The Ghostbusters star has been live-tweeting since the Olympics kicked off, and honestly her tweets are so damn brilliant.

3. While most of her absolute gold comes from a running commentary as she films one of the many screens in her living room, she’s also just having a really good time.

(We can’t show you any of the tweets where she’s filming off her TV, but GO AND WATCH THEM, THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!!!!)

4. Seriously, I’m not even sure if she has slept in days, but it’s totally incredible.

5. But that isn’t killing her spirit.

6. On Sunday, TV producer Mike Shoemaker pinged the executive producer of NBC’s Rio coverage, Jim Bell, to let him know where the magic was happening. And Bell was 100% down with it.

@shoemakermike OK @Lesdoggg you’re officially invited to Rio. Want to come?

— Jim Bell (@jfb)

7. We can only hope NBC’s plan is to give Jones a microphone and an unlimited supply of coffee, and let her do the Olympics RIGHT.

@Lesdoggg wow is this what good Twitter feels like? Great call @shoemakermike TY. Leslie will connect wu tomorrow. Everyone else stay tuned!

— Jim Bell (@jfb)

8. Make sure you’re following @Lesdoggg so you don’t miss this.

The only problem with me learning to swim is getting into booty water. Everybody booty is in the water I don’t want my face in that. Sorry

— Leslie Jones (@Lesdoggg)

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