17 Crimes Against Beauty All ’90s Girls Committed

1. Ripping your hair out while removing your rubber Conair hot sticks:

Ripping your hair out while removing your rubber Conair hot sticks:

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And also burning your fingers in the process.

2. Getting used to the smell of your hair burning while using your favorite crimper:

3. Asking for “the Rachel” haircut, but never getting it quite right:


4. Feeling super awkward when Herbal Essences’ orgasmic commercials came on TV and your parents were around:

Also, jokingly re-enacting the commercials with your friends.

5. Having to redo your decorative bobby pin constantly because it refused to stay in place:

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6. Or overusing your favorite hair gel to create the perfect spiky-haired look:

7. Feeling like your scalp was being ripped off from all the mini-buns you tied on your head:

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:: shrug ::

8. Thinking, “Hey look! A bunch of pastel-colored bugs are holding up my hair!” was a good look:

Who started that trend anyway?!

9. Literally smelling like you’d been rolling around in the grass all day when you sprayed on Gap’s grass scent:

Or like you just mowed the lawn.

10. Or trying to explain what your Crabtree & Evelyn scent actually smelled like to anyone:

“So… it smells like wet flowers?”

11. Dousing yourself and your bedroom in the same Bath and Body Works scents:

“Wow, you smell… just like your room?”

12. Spending more time licking your favorite Lipsmackers flavors off your lips than actually putting them on:

“It’s moisturizing and delicious!”

14. Feeling your eyes burn just a little when you opened your Stridex or Oxy pads container:

That alcohol burn…

15. Getting super pissed-off if you accidentally smudged your Wet Shine nail polished before it finished drying.


16. Being completely heartbroken when you couldn’t find Hard Candy’s Sky Blue nail polish anywhere:

Until last year anyway.

17. And finally, looking like a unicorn had just sneezed on you thanks to all that Claire’s body glitter gel:

Brenda Chase / Via Getty

So. Much. Body. Glitter.

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