21 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Were Obsessed With The Jonas Brothers

1. First of all, you still have very strong opinions on your favourite brother.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

(Joe 4 life.)

3. There was nothing you wanted more than to see the Jonas Brothers live, and if you actually got to go, it was the best thing that ever happened to you.

But your ~real~ dream was to get into soundcheck.

4. It didn’t matter if you couldn’t go, though, because there was always The 3D Concert Experience

Walt Disney Studios

8. And you definitely watched the Disney Channel, even though you were ~probably~ too old, just for Jonas LA.

10. You’ve also probably seen the Jonas Brothers Hannah Montana episode more times than you can count.

Disney Channel

11. You were firmly on one side on the Niley vs. Nelena debate, and you probably still stick by your choice…

12. And you definitely had a lot to say about Jemi.

And Jaylor. And Jashley. And Jamilla. And… Oh, Joe.

13. You have strong opinions on Joe’s many, varied haircuts, and which one looked the best on him.

14. The Burnin’ Up Book was a staple on your bookshelf.

You still remember that Kevin’s favourite ice cream flavour is rocky road.

15. The phrase “killing time” means something completely different to you…

18. Not to mention the “Burnin’ Up” rap.


19. A little piece of your heart broke when you found out that the band was breaking up.


20. And listening to your favourite songs gives you the best, most nostalgic feeling.

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