27 Photos That Prove Texas Has No Chill

1. Texas honestly loves the fuck out of itself.

Texas honestly loves the fuck out of itself.

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(That’s a lazy river around an island which is part of a hotel.)

2. So much so, that it feels the need to show off its shape at every possible chance.

10. But wait. Is that a… Texas-shaped bird bath????

(Yes it is. These are sold at the GROCERY STORE.)

12. Or how about a Texas-shaped coffee table to put your Texan metal art on?

24. Oh, you can’t forget the crust cutter.

For the full-blooded Texan who also hates their crusts.

25. A fucking Texas-shaped HOUSE.

Its swimming pool is shaped like a boot, with a hot tub as the spur. I WISH I was making this up.

27. And this fucking unnecessary sink.

Imagine doing the dishes in this sink. Far out.

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