Angry Americans Are Promising To Move To Australia After The US Marriage Equality Decision

I’ll give Texas 5 years to secede. If not I’m moving to Australia 🐒

— Courtney Parks (@courtneyparkss)

I’m out. Moving to Australia or something. 😷

— Shelbs• (@ShelbyNSalley)

Moving to Australia I ain’t with this rainbow and Gay pride shit #sorrynotsorry

— Heskey (@Hastings__Matt)

I’m moving to Australia, I can’t deal with Americas bullshit

— chance hedrick (@chanceious1)

Thats it. Its legal to be a queer now. Im moving to Australia.

— dylan stokes (@dylanstokess)

I give up on this country. Moving to Australia.

— donnie . (@drestle01)

Gays have rights in America now. Moving to Australia now.

— Abdullah Rafidhi (@AbdullahRafidhi)

Im moving to Australia. America is crazy

— MICHELA . ♡ (@themezcla_)

Well, guess we’re gonna have to be moving now, see y’all in Australia!

— Samuel Foley (@Samuel_Foley)

They replaced the Confederate flag with a rainbow one
I’m moving to Australia

— Taylor Skyles (@taylorskyles1)

However, many Australians are not particularly happy about these declarations.

Sad to see homophobic Americans saying they are “moving to Australia.” Time for love to win here too

— Mackenzie Ravn (@mackenzieravn)

Conservative Americans considering moving to Australia might like to be aware of our extensive gun control and universal healthcare. #SCOTUS

— Daniel Bowen (@danielbowen)

“Its legal to be a queer now. Im moving to Australia” Stay away, pls&thankyou and jsyk, it’s pretty fucking gay here too 🌈✨🌈✨🌈✨

— Veashka R. (@veashkaaa)

Bigots saying they are moving to Australia… Piss off, we don’t want you.

— Natalie Kirk (@natnie)

Despite the fact a clear majority of Australians support the reform, the parliament has dragged its heels for years – leaving Australia well behind other similarly developed, English-speaking nations.

However, advocates hope it will be a relatively short time before the disgruntled, anti-marriage equality Americans are forced to pick up and move yet again. Cross-party discussions about a marriage equality bill are expected to take place in the coming months.

The numbers in parliament are on a knife edge, and government MPs are currently forced to vote against marriage equality in accordance with their party platform. In order for a vote to pass, prime minister Tony Abbott would have to grant his MPs a free vote.

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