Cheer someone up today with these 14 joyful pictures of Death Valley’s superbloom.

About three weeks ago, scientists predicted a rare superbloom of flowers in Death Valley National Park, California. Death Valley is the hottest place on Earth, where water is scarce, so a lot of people were excited that they might get to see it covered in beautiful flowers.

I am happy to report that the Death Valley superbloom has come to pass in a wild, agog-worthy fashion.

These little guys are amazing.

They’re even popping up out of cracks in the ground.

And they brought a LOT of friends.

These purple ones look like puffs of cotton candy.

And this little guy ought to be a belated valentine for someone.

Valentines for everyone!

Everyone! You get a flower! YOU get a flower! I feel like Oprah!

Or maybe, instead of a late Valentine’s, we call it an early spring break?

After all, there’s enough to share.

And sharing is caring.

Just a reminder: This is what Death Valley looks like normally.

While a few flowers every year isn’t unusual, this staggering level of display needs the perfect combination of temperature, weather, and rain. This means superblooms only happen about once a decade.

So seeing such a display of life rise up is really something.

I don’t even know what to say about this one.

Of course, the superbloom won’t last forever. But while it does, it’s an awesome reminder of what nature is capable of.

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