Don’t Freak Out, But Your Favourite “Goosebumps” Covers Have Come To Life

1. These two artists from Australia have collaborated to bring iconic Goosebumps covers to life.

Benjamin Nichols, a photographer, and John English, a professional retoucher, embarked on the collaboration as a tribute to Tim Jacobus, the artist behind the original Goosebumps covers from the ’90s.

5. English told BuzzFeed that Nichols came up with the project idea last year.

“I immediately got super excited thinking about what could be achieved in post-production. I never imagined how close he would get the photographs to the originals though,” he said.

6. The pair made and sourced their own props and the entire project took two weekends to finish.

Unsurprisingly, the duo were both fans of the books growing up.

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