Free People Is Straight Up Trolling Us With This $78 Flower Crown For Dogs

1. So you love your dog, but let’s be honest, her fashion sense is kind of crap.

Deanna Quinton Larson / Getty Images

2. It’s awkward, but like, you can’t take her anywhere looking like that, you know?

Anna Idestam-almquist / Getty Images

ATIC12 / Getty images

She’s got no ~style~.

3. Well, behold, for Free People has the solution: a flower crown for your dog.

Free People

It’s available in either roses or daisies, and comes in either XS/S or M/L.

4. And it costs $78, because Instagram infamy does come at a price.

Free People

And it’s a hefty one at that.

5. It’s perfect for the summer festival circuit.

Bernardbodo / Getty Images

Get it.

6. Or casual Sundays at the farmer’s market.

Bernardbodo / Getty Images

She’s such a natural.

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