How Many Southern Expressions Do You Know?

1. What do you think these expressions mean?

    1. A mythical cat-like creature that lives in the swamps.

    2. Something that is crooked.

    3. Someone who is being an asshole.

    4. A vagina.

    1. Beating someone up.

    2. Feeling flattered after a compliment.

    3. Acting like my uncle Guss.

    4. Dressing something or someone up.

    1. A sex position that we really can’t describe here.

    2. Something that’s very fast.

    3. Making a lot of loud noise.

    4. A bout of explosive diarrhea.

    1. Doing hard labor.

    2. Performing yard work.

    3. Making a lot of noise.

    4. Taking the lead in a competition.

    1. Living a luxurious lifestyle.

    2. Speaking from a place of authority.

    3. Being stoned out of your mind.

    4. The feeling after eating a huge meal.

    1. Picking your nose in public.

    2. Another sex position that I’ll get fired if I describe here.

    3. Talking trash behind people’s backs.

    4. Being very, very drunk.

    1. Having to take a piss.

    2. Tying a ponytail before getting to work.

    3. Kicking someone’s ass.

    4. Masturbation.

    1. Getting completely wasted off hard liquor.

    2. Driving a motor vehicle.

    3. Insulting somebody.

    4. Getting to work on something.

    1. A police officer.

    2. Moving from town to town.

    3. A nickname for crickets.

    4. Someone who is super clumsy.

    1. A freshly picked booger.

    2. Another name for peanuts.

    3. An annoying toddler.

    4. Another name for Hershey Kisses.

    1. Nemo’s hot older sister.

    2. An incredibly sexy English chap.

    3. Fish sticks that are especially tasty.

    4. Everything is A-OK.

How Many Southern Expressions Do You Know?

    3. Based on the hilarious words of our British coworkers, in this post.

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