How Much Of A Night Owl Are You Really?

    1. You play on your phone for over an hour before going to sleep.

    2. You feel more productive at night.

    3. When the time comes for sleeping, you somehow feel the urge to do things you neglected to do during the day.

    4. Like tidying your room.

    5. Doing that piece of homework you’ve been putting off.

    6. Deciding now is the time to paint your horribly chipped nails.

    7. Writing.

    8. In general just trying to organize your life.

    9. Surely this normal, right?

    10. Some people must experience this too…right?

    11. Lying down in bed and then deciding that you could use a snack.

    12. Mmm food.

    13. Now you definitely have to go make something.

    14. Back in bed after your midnight snack, ready to settle down, you’re comfy, and….

    15. You gotta pee. Of course.

    16. “Now I can sleep!”

    17. Lights off.

    18. And then you go over everything that happened today in your head.

    19. Then start thinking about the week.

    20. Worrying and thinking about things you need to do.

    21. Things people have said.

    22. Done.

    23. And you end up going over your entire life in a night.

    24. When you’ve finally fallen asleep, you’re rudely awoken by the daylight.

    25. Maybe tonight I’ll sleep!

How Much Of A Night Owl Are You Really?

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