How Much Of An HGTV Addict Are You?

    1. You know the actual names of the Property Brothers.

    2. You totally have a favorite Property Brother.

    3. No matter how much House Hunters is on, you always watch it.

    4. House Hunters International is even better.

    5. You know the days of the week when they play certain shows (yass, Flip or Flop Thursday).

    6. You are so sick of the same commercials they play ALL DAY LONG.

    7. You want Joanna Gaines to decorate your home for you.

    8. You enter the dream home contest every year, because duh.

    9. You watch HGTV so much that you’re beginning to see repeat episodes.

    10. You watch HGTV so much, you’ve seen some episodes three times.

    11. You’ve contemplated flipping houses on your own, thanks to Flip or Flop .

    12. You know when Tarek and Christina freak out about a problem, they’re still going to make, like, $50k (at LEAST).

    13. You can guess what house they pick on House Hunters .

    14. You yell at the TV when they pick the wrong house.

    15. You’ve made your friends watch HGTV with you.

    16. You love coming home and watching HGTV with your parents.

    17. You are watching HGTV while you take this quiz.

    18. You watch all of the HGTV specials, like when the Property Brothers made giant gingerbread houses.

    19. You think Chip and Joanna are couple GOALS.

    20. You wonder why there is a Love It or List it Too when Hil & David are the best.

    21. You’d totally live on Chip and Joanna’s farm.

    22. You know all the lingo, like load-bearing walls.

    23. You’re always amazed at how brilliant Hilary is on Love It or List It .

    24. You totally ship David and Hilary (even though David is married).

    25. You gag when you see mold on Flip or Flop .

    26. You gag whenever a designer picks the wrong color.

    27. But you also roll your eyes when someone won’t buy their perfect house because of paint colors.

    28. You actually go to the gym just to work out to HGTV.

    29. While working out at the gym watching HGTV, you shout at the screen and realize you’re in public.

    30. You get emotional at reveals.

    31. Watching HGTV makes you want to buy a new house. Then renovate the entire thing.

    32. You get pissed when they tour a house and they don’t show a room (um, that house totally has a basement).

    33. Your DVR is full of HGTV reruns.

    34. You watch HGTV on cable and Netflix because why not?

    35. You miss Chris Harrison as an HGTV host.

    36. You can guess the prices of homes in random cities.

    37. You’ve played an HGTV drinking game.

    38. You get super excited to see what the family has done to the home after they’ve moved in.

    39. You watch Ellen’s Design Challenge .

    40. You’ve always wanted to tour a house designed by a HGTV show.

    41. Lakefront Bargain Hunt is a dream. GIVE ME ALL THE HOUSES/CONDOS.

    42. You wonder why every single couple wants an open-floor plan, granite counter tops, and crown molding.

    43. You totally want to go on Property Virgins when you get married.

    44. You get super into Design Star .

    45. You a least have a fave HGTV duo.

How Much Of An HGTV Addict Are You?

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