How Obsessed With “Harry Potter” Are You?

    1. You’ve read all the books.

    2. You’ve read the books multiple times.

    3. You’ve seen all the movies.

    4. You’ve seen the movies… multiple times.

    5. You went to book premieres.

    6. You had competitions with your friends to see who could finish a book first.

    7. You’ve been to a midnight movie premiere for one of the films.

    8. You’ve been to most of the midnight movie premieres.

    9. You’ve dressed up for a midnight premiere.

    10. You own some sort of Harry Potter clothing.

    11. You own a wand.

    12. You’ve been to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal.

    13. You’ve been to Platform 9 3/4 in London.

    14. You’ve been to Warner Brother’s Studio Tour in Burbank and saw the Harry Potter displays.

    15. You’ve ran around the house pretending to be playing Quidditch.

    16. You’ve organized a Quidditch tournament with your friends.

    17. You’ve played on a Quidditch team.

    18. You’ve made Harry Potter themed cookies or a cake.

    19. You’ve gone to a Harry Potter themed party.

    20. You’ve gone to a Yule Ball.

    21. You’ve tried butterbeer.

    22. You’ve had Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Jelly Beans.

    23. You have a Harry Potter tattoo.

    24. You’ve sorted people you know into Hogwarts Houses.

    25. You’ve joined Pottermore.

    26. You read every single word J.K. Rowling writes about Harry Potter.

    27. You can’t wait for the Harry Potter play.

    28. You’re going to buy Harry Potter and the Cursed Child playbook when it comes out.

    29. You’ve named a pet after a character.

    30. You cried when Alan Rickman died. :’(

    31. You’ve dressed up as a character for Halloween.

    32. You’ve written Harry Potter fan-fic.

    33. You’ve dreamt about spending Christmas at Hogwarts.

    34. You’ve looked for Platform 9 3/4 while at a train station before.

    35. You’ve tried to use “accio” when you were feeling lazy.

    36. You’ve gotten your friends interested in Harry Potter.

    37. You know all the differences between the books and the movies.

    38. You quote Harry Potter every day.

    39. Harry Potter weekend on Freeform is your favorite.

    40. You take Harry Potter quizzes all the time.

    41. You are a walking Harry Potter dictionary.

    42. You wish you had a Maurader’s Map.

    43. You’ve had magical Harry Potter dreams.

    44. You think Umbridge is the WORST.

    45. You’ve hit on someone with a Harry Potter pick-up lines.

    46. You’re still mad Peeves wasn’t in the movies.

    47. You’ve read the books in a different language than your native language.

    48. You’ve watched all the movies in one sitting.

    49. You have a Harry Potter coloring book.

    50. You’ve had Harry Potter debates before.

    51. Like you have a STRONG opinion about movie Ginny vs. book Ginny.

    52. Harry Potter has helped you find happiness in life.

How Obsessed With “Harry Potter” Are You?

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