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How Similar Are You To Gaston From “Beauty And The Beast”?

    1. People rarely say “no” to you.

    2. Yet still, you know what rejection feels like.

    3. You’ve felt dismissed.

    4. Someone has told you that you need to pull yourself together.

    5. You’ve felt “down in the dumps” lately.

    6. But deep down, you know everyone wants to be you.

    7. Actually, there’s NO ONE your town as admired as you.

    8. You’re everyone’s favorite.

    9. Everyone’s awed and inspired by you.

    10. You’re slick.

    11. You’re quick.

    12. …Your neck is incredibly thick.

    13. No one is as manly or womanly as you.

    14. You would consider yourself a “pure paragon.”

    15. You have a friend named Tom.

    16. You have a friend named Dick.

    17. You have a friend named Stanley.

    18. When you play sports everyone wants to be on YOUR team.

    19. No one’s really “been like” you.

    20. You’re quite the king pin.

    21. You’ve got a swell cleft on your chin.

    22. You fight.

    23. You have a tendency to bite in wrestling matches.

    24. No one’s as burly and brawny as you.

    25. You have biceps to spare.

    26. Not a bit of you’s scraggly or scrawny.

    27. Every last inch of you is covered with hair.

    28. You know how to hit.

    29. You’re great at matching wits in chess.

    30. You’re especially good at expectorating.

    31. When you were a lad/lass you ate 4 dozen eggs.

    32. …but now that you’re grown, you eat 5 dozen eggs.

    33. You’re roughly the size of a barge.

    34. You know how to shoot a gun.

    35. You “make those beauts.”

    36. You frequently tromp around wearing boots.

    37. You use antlers in all of your decorating.

    38. You’re intimidating.

    39. You’re the best.

How Similar Are You To Gaston From “Beauty And The Beast”?

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