How Similar Are You To Harry Styles?

    1. You are an Aquarius.

    2. You have one sister.

    3. You have a cat at home.

    4. Sometimes you have a dog, too.

    5. You used to work in a bakery.

    6. You have many tattoos.

    7. You have multiple tattoos of birds.

    8. You have vacationed on a yacht with Ellen DeGeneres.

    9. You are well-known for your luscious locks.

    10. You can rock a man bun.

    11. You can also rock a man braid.

    12. Ed Sheeran is your BFF4L.

    13. You live and die by your black and white Instagram theme.

    14. You have a strict rule against posting selfies on the Internet.

    15. But if you MUST post a solo pic, you always cover your face.

    16. Because you are ~artsy~.

    17. Mick Jagger may be your father.

    18. “What Makes You Beautiful” is your guilty pleasure.

    19. Sometimes, you babysit for James Corden.

    20. You drive a black Range Rover.

    21. And a vintage convertible.

    22. And you ride a motorcycle.

    23. While riding that motorcycle, you wear a sparkly gold helmet.

    24. You have thrown up on the side of highway after a night out.

    25. Your first crush was Louis Tomlinson.

    26. You think you’re witty.

    27. Your friends do not think you are witty.

    28. You liked The 1975 before they were mainstream.

    29. You hate avocados.

    30. You are annoyingly humble about your accomplishments.

    31. You like to confuse people with your ~mysterious~ tweets.

    32. You sign most of your tweets with your first initial just like Obama.

    33. You always sacrifice comfort for fashion.

    34. You will wear leather pants on a transatlantic flight.

    35. Getting naked used to be your party trick.

    36. Chris Martin has a crush on you.

    37. Zach Braff does too.

    38. You were in a band in high school.

    39. You love the #HeForShe campaign.

    40. You own every pair of heeled boots made by Saint Laurent.

    41. You often perform random acts of kindness.

    42. You sound like you are sleepy all the time.

    43. You think Niall Horan is the funniest guy on the planet.

    44. Scrabble is your favorite game.

    45. You have a large collection of headscarves. It was one of your phases.

    46. You wear $500 plain white t-shirts.

    47. The Green Bay Packers are your favorite NFL team.

    48. You love a good vegan smoothie.

    49. Because you are ~so LA~.

    50. You never go out of Style(s).

How Similar Are You To Harry Styles?

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