How Similar Are You To Shrek?

    1. Your first name begins with an “S”.

    2. You use only your first name.

    3. You are an ogre.

    4. You live in a swamp.

    5. You live by yourself.

    6. You like being by yourself.

    7. You are Scottish or have a Scottish accent.

    8. You like to scare people.

    9. Your favorite color is green.

    10. You have an annoying best friend.

    11. That best friend is a donkey.

    12. You are also friends with a cat.

    13. That cat is orange.

    14. And wears boots.

    15. There is a warrant out for your arrest.

    16. For absolutely no reason whatsoever.

    17. People always judge you before they get to know you.

    18. You hide away because of this.

    19. Your crush is a redhead.

    20. Your crush is way out of your league.

    21. You are too afraid to tell your crush how you feel.

    22. You don’t have time for romance.

    23. You have a horrible temper.

    24. You aren’t very close with your parents.

    25. You are very strong.

    26. You can break wood with your bare hands.

    27. You have singlehandedly defeated a band of knights in a brawl.

    28. You love onions.

    29. You have ~layers.~

    30. Your breath always stinks.

    31. So do your farts.

    32. You are viewed as a cultural icon around the world.

How Similar Are You To Shrek?

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