If You Have A Spare $400, Go Ahead And Spend New Years Eve At Olive Garden

2. WELL GOOD, because the Olive Garden in Times Square might be the perfect place for you to spend NYE. FOR A PRICE.

If You Have A Spare $400, Go Ahead And Spend New Years Eve At Olive Garden

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Which apparently does not include endless breadsticks.

3. The Times Square trattoria is charging $400 for a seat at its 47th and Broadway location. That gets you an open bar, a buffet dinner, and a DJ.


4. But a limited view of the ball drop, so womp womp.

Olive Garden

Tickets are still available, but according to Mike at the Times Square OG, “they’ll probably sell out later today.” Despite that whole breadstick boondoggle.

5. If you’ve got $799 lying around and you really like shrimp, you could see a partial view of the ball drop from Bubba Gump Shrimp, a chain restaurant named after some fictional characters from Forrest Gump.

Oh wait, it’s actually already SOLD OUT. ;( 🙁 🙁 You gumped me.

8. I hope that queso dip looks like this but it probably doesn’t, FYI.

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9. Another option? Dallas BBQ, where you can drown your New Years sorrows in wing sauce and watch the ball drop from half a block away for a mere $129-$349.

12. You can blow $700 on a VIP package that’ll get you apps, party favors, and a bottle of champers, and a front row seat to all that Ryan Seacrest magic.

13. And can you really put a price on that?

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