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If You Love Harry Potter, You Need To Watch “The Magicians”

1. First of all, the magic in the show will make you feel like you’re lost in some enchanted world.

If You Love Harry Potter, You Need To Watch "The Magicians"

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4. Also there’s hot magical sex where they just start floating in the middle of it.

Would be down. Or up. Whatever, just call me.

9. Then there’s Eliot and Margo, who are everything you want from besties.

10. And then they say shit like this that just makes you wish someone would ask you to take that Brakebills entrance exam already.

I know pain, because I can’t do magic! … yet.

11. On top of all that there are really strong characters. Like Alice, a magical genius who’s not afraid to put everyone else in their place.

12. And poor, sweet Quentin who means well but always seems to get the shit end of every stick.


13. Ugh, and there are these perfect little love triangles happening. Like this one with Quentin and Julia.

15. Or this one with Quentin and Eliot that people just secretly want to happen.

Make #Queliot a reality.

16. Plus, because every show needs an evil witch, there is Marina. She is delightfully wicked.


18. And magical books that legit have sex with each other. It’s weird, and yet you can’t look away…

19. Basically The Magicians proves magic is REAL, and if you’re not watching it then I don’t want to know you.

JK JK, I’ll know you, but we won’t be roomies at Brakebills.

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