The 18 Most Important Fails Of 2016 So Far

1. This teen’s dad, who put a dick pic on his Snapchat story.

2. Any commute that ends with an exploding bus.

3. Anyone trying to play fetch with an emu.

4. The woman who applied fake tan with a paint roller.

5. Anyone who makes this mistake in the kitchen.

7. The guy who made some friends.

omg i was just having a cup of tea and these cats came and sat with me, think I’ve made some friends! πŸ™‚

— ️️ (@PAClFlED)


— ️️ (@PAClFlED)

8. This intrepid dog.

9. This bold attempt to seek gainful employment.

— Meg (@Megmags15)

10. Anyone who inadvertently advertises a car manufacturer while protesting.

That’s the Mercedes logo you utter bellend

— Arial Bold (@amoozbouche)

11. Adam Driver trying to dress himself.

I don’t think adam driver knows how clothes work

— donut gleeson (@dunwaIl)

14. This child.

Imagine hating your child this much. I’m off to buy some balloons and icing.

— Martin Wefail (@wefail)

15. This social media editor.

Now deleted – the importance of good grammar

— Daily Mail Comments (@BestoftheMail)

17. This time the NHS inadvertently appeared to deliver some bad news.

Needless to say, I don’t think it’s good news.

— Andy Lang (@HRH_Duke_of_Url)

18. These millennials and their lights.

When you’re house sitting for millennials and ask how the lights work

— Cate (@c8ters)

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