This Hunky Chef Is Literally What Dreams Are Made Of

1. This is Byron Talbott, a professional cook who makes videos on YouTube and also looks DAMN good on camera.

2. He makes everything from scratch, and he does it with such perfection and ease that you’re bound to be jealous of his lucky wife.

Because duh, who doesn’t want a hot chef as their husband?

3. Like, you’d imagine his wife just sitting there and watching him make ravioli all day.

At least, that’s what I’d do.

4. Just kidding, she helps sometimes.

She’s actually a really successful lifestyle/beauty YouTuber herself. You can check out her videos here.

5. But let’s get back to Byron.

6. Honestly, just seeing him whisk is enough to make your loins stir.

7. Here’s some of the glorious food porn he made: pink macaroons.

Rachel is one goddamn lucky woman.

8. Choco tacos.


9. Chocolate mousse.

From scratch, people. Not the store-bought thing your boyfriend serves you.

10. Freakin’ maple bacon doughnuts.

11. Talk about pretty and tasty!

12. But he doesn’t make only dessert — he’s the king of savory breakfasts too.

13. And dinners. Here’s his ratatouille.

14. His rigatoni with pesto.

15. His HEAVENLY burger.

16. And, of course, pizza.

17. He even knows how to make boba tea.

18. OK Talbotts, please adopt me.

Or at least send me your leftovers.

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