We Really Have To Discuss The Fourth Episode Of “House Of Cards”

1. So the first new episode of House of Cards featured the unexpected return of a key character: Lucas.

You’re probably thinking what I was thinking… Who are you again?

2. He worked for the Washington Herald alongside Zoe (who, you know, was killed by Frank Underwood).

Zoe Barnes and Lucas became lovers. After Zoe’s death, Lucas tried to find evidence to expose the president as the total dick that he is.

However, nobody believed Lucas, so he decided to work with the hacker Gavin Orsay to prove there was a relationship between Zoe and Underwood. This could only be done by hacking their phone records.

3. But then Doug started to get involved.


Doug told the FBI to lure Lucas into a trap. Gavin turned out to be an informant for the FBI, and persuaded Lucas to commit cyberterrorism.

5. And Lucas was forced to take a plea deal (as he had committed a crime) and was put in jail.

So when we saw Lucas in the first episode of Season 4, most of us assumed that we would see him trying to find more evidence to corner Underwood (under the new alias of John Carlyle).

6. In Episode 4 of the new season, with no warning, there was an unexpected Underwood assassination attempt at a re-election campaign event.

And who was the shooter? Lucas, of all people.

7. Also, Edward Meechum, the secret-service agent who protected Underwood, was shot by Lucas.

Meechum shot Lucas back. And then Meechum died.

11. And people really weren’t ready for what went down.

Y’all didn’t warn me about @HouseofCards episode 4!!!!

— Jonathan Capehart (@CapehartJ)

Episode 4, guys. Ep. Is. Ode. Four. #HouseOfCards

— Elizabeth Day (@elizabday)

14. Of course, Meechum is much remembered for copping off with both Francis and Claire Underwood.

16. But now Threechum is no longer with us.

This was their last “private” moment together, Underwood doodling Meechum’s hand on a wall in the White House.

17. And now people are leaving these as tribute.

Support #HouseOfCards #Meechum

— wulfgar111 (@wulfgar111)

18. It’s quite devastating.

20. Goodbye, Meechum. You will be missed.

Netflix and Scott Bryan / BuzzFeed

Those hearts are not for Underwood, obviously.

  1. How gutted are you by Meecham’s death?

    1. I am totally devastated.

    2. Nothing surprises me any more with this show.


We Really Have To Discuss The Fourth Episode Of “House Of Cards”


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