What Is Bernie Sanders Doing?

1. Is he asking for the check at the end of a meal?

Is he asking for the check at the end of a meal?

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Scott Eisen / Getty Images

4. Is he playing the world’s tiniest fiddle?

Scott Olson / Getty Images/Thinkstock

6. Is he placing a thumbtack on a tiny globe?

Darren McCollester / Getty Images/Thinkstock

7. Is he eating sushi while on the campaign trail?

Win McNamee / Getty Images/Thinkstock

8. Is he getting much needed advice from Jerry, his imaginary (and most trusted advisor) hummingbird friend?

Ethan Miller / Getty Images/Thinkstock

9. Is he holding a piece of lint he found in his belly button earlier that day?

Scott Eisen / Getty Images/Thinkstock

10. Is he graciously placing a piece of cheddar cheese on a mouse trap?

Win McNamee / Getty Images/Thinkstock

11. Is he sprinkling a little extra NACL on his spaghetti?

John Gress / Getty Images/Thinkstock

12. Is he trying to clean an elephant’s ear with a q-tip?

Scott Olson / Getty Images/Thinkstock

(Damnit Jerry, I thought he told you to stay up on your perch while he is giving campaign speeches?)

Alex Wong / Getty Images/Thinkstock

13. Is he holding a friendly neighborhood rat by the tail?

Win McNamee / Getty Images/Thinkstock

Win McNamee / Getty Images/Thinkstock

14. Is he debating a Republican Presidential candidates’ penis girth with fellow candidate Hillary Clinton?

Joe Raedle / Getty Images

I guess the world will never know.

Scott Eisen/ Justin Sullivan / Scott Olson / Chip Somodevilla / Win McNamee / Darren McCollester Getty Images

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