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How To Eat Healthier Without Even Noticing

1. If you love smoothies for breakfast, make sure they have fat and protein for staying power.

A slush of fruit, spinach, and almond milk might be sweet and refreshing, but it’s almost all carbs. Meaning, you’ll either crash or be super hungry in just a couple of hours. Add Greek yogurt, nut butter, nuts, avocado, or your favorite protein powder to your smoothie, and it’ll keep you full through lunch.

From left: Orange Creamsicle Smoothie, Banana Green Smoothie, Chocolate-Banana Smoothie

3. Try making your own condiments from scratch. They’ll have fewer ingredients, and they’ll probably taste better.

John Gara / BuzzFeed

Homemade mayonnaise (recipe here) doesn’t necessarily have fewer calories, but it tastes fresher and doesn’t have the sugar or stabilizers you’ll often find in the store-bought versions. And this homemade ketchup (recipe here) has such a deep, rich flavor that you’ll probably end up needing less.

5. For a healthier Tex-Mex-inspired dinner, pile your favorite burrito ingredients into zucchini boats.

Zucchini has fewer carbs and calories than traditional tortillas, plus they count toward your daily vegetable count. Recipe here.

6. Swap sugary peanut butter for the natural, sugar-free kind.

Lots of store-bought peanut butter has added ingredients like sugar and hydrogenated vegetable oils (aka trans fat). Luckily, it’s pretty easy to find natural peanut butter in any supermarket. Look for an ingredient list that’s either just peanuts, or peanuts and salt. Or, you can make your own with nothing but peanuts and a food processor. Recipe here.

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